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RAFF srl was born in the heart of Sardinia, with the desire to let know the specialities of our island. Since 2010, RAFF srl has become the connection between the modern world and the Sardinian tradition and its products started to be on the shelves of the retail stores. They are inspired by the excellence of the Sardinian cuisine and they are revisited in a modern key, offering to the customer fast, tasty and genuine solutions to satisfy the highest expectations. Always present in the international market with our brands and with private labels of important retail companies, we have developed unique and high quality products. Products Presented: Cuscinetti Croccanti are thin, puffy and crunchy “small pillows” of bread, obtained only from the best 100% Sardinian semolina. They come from the recipe of the carasau bread, the most representative product of the Sardinian tradition and they are characterized from lightness, a very short ingredients list and a unique taste.


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