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As an award-winning company with over 40 years’ experience in the design and supply of world-leading, decorative tins, we introduce our innovative sister brands; Pebl, Kit and Boodle & CRAFTin. From confectionery to spice mixes, we are excited to share our Silver Crane family. CRAFTin Paint by Numbers? A biscuit tin? A Craft Activity? A thoughtful gift? CRAFTin can be any or all of the above, and more! Kit & Boodle Want a new food crush? Inspired by street food, Kit and Boodle brings you top notch flavours to upgrade your dishes! Create brilliance in a bowl with our spice mixes. Pebl 100% Sugar-Free and made with the highest quality plant-based ingredients, they're suitable for anyone to enjoy. Their cute, collectible and very stylish pebl tins are 100% recyclable and unlike any other packaging substrate, metals recycle forever. However, their tins are designed for reuse, not disposal they're mint tins with a twist!

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