Jungle Fruits

Stand: 1714
  • | Health & Wellbeing
The journey stats with us growing up as kids mum would buy loads of fruit to make sure we had our 5 a day. This didn’t change as we got older either! Our mum would still treat us like kids, buy loads of fruit and still try to make sure we had our 5-a-day. But there was a big problem, we always wanted to eat in our own time which was usually when the fruit had gone off. However, we came across a solution that stopped the nagging and got us the 5-a-day we needed; Dried fruits! It was perfect, we could eat it anywhere and anytime, and tasted amazing. Sam spent some time in Madagascar eating a range of exotic fruits. After tasting them he loved them and when he came back to the UK he went searching for these fruits. He thought how could we eat this conveniently and on the go? Trying to eat dragon fruit on the Central Line train is a bit awkward... So we set about finding a way to get our exotic fruit fix, then it dawned on us... dry them and – voila! – Jungle Fruits was created


United Kingdom
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