Kooky - Pretty Unique Fruit

Stand: 1706
  • | International Pavilions
Inspired by their passion for tropical fruits, Aline & Deena created Kooky, a brand of premium dried exotic fruit - 100% natural and vegan, with absolutely nothing added, free from gluten, the 14 main allergens, preservative and additives. Kooky aims to promote curiosity for lesser known things and to introduce the Western markets to an alternative range of exciting fruits with distinct tropical flavours, flashing colours and unique textures. These superfruits are packed with nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants, while boasting health benefits that range from digestive to immune-boosting to anti-ageing. Like many of us, Kooky fruit is beautifully unusual and the brand's philosophy is one that champions diversity, encourages kindness and value one's heritage. Ethically & sustainably sourced from Thailand and harnessing solar energy, the fruits are dehydrated into either freeze dried (jackfruit, mango, mangosteen) or gently dried varieties (red dragon fruit, Thai banana).
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