Metzger Lebkuchen 1685

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Metzger & Söhne have crafted traditional Viennese Lebkuchen 'honey cake' for over 330 years, based on pure Austrian honey, 100% natural ingredients and exquisite spices. The unique taste of our honey cake, delicate marzipan, fruit or nut fillings and deliciously indulgent chocolate has inspired emperors and kings over many centuries.

Metzger are the original artisans of Viennese Lebkuchen. Our Lebkuchen is made according to original recipes and methods, maturing naturally over 6 months and baked without any eggs or preservatives. The dough is sweetened with pure bee honey from Austria and exquisite spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and cloves for a subtle gingerbread taste, and a soft texture. Each piece is generously filled, coated, and topped with fruit, nuts, or rich chocolate to create an unadulterated 'original' form of Lebkuchen: cakey, lightly spiced with opulent fillings and a crisp, shimmering coat of chocolate for an exquisite taste experience.


United Kingdom

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