Stand: 2006
  • | Health & Wellbeing
All the benefits with no compromise. When time is of the essence, yfood is the healthy option. Best of all? It tastes great. - GREAT FOR ON THE GO - NO ADDED SUGAR, LACTOSE-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE - STAY FULL FOR 3-5 HOURS WITHOUT ANY MIDDAY SLUMPS - LONG SHELF LIFE WITHOUT REFRIGERATION - CLIMATE-NEUTRAL PACKAGING yfood supplies your body with all essential nutrients, 26 vitamins and minerals. It puts virtually no strain on your metabolism, tastes great and is easy to digest. ALL ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS IN A SINGLE DRINK yfood gets you through the day: with 500 calories per 500 ml bottle, one drink covers around 25 percent of your average energy needs. All with the best ingredients such as lactose-free, low-fat milk from Germany and Austria, plus oats, corn, rice, sunflower and rapeseed oil.


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