Zeyada Gida ith. ihr. San. Ve Tic. A. S.

Stand: 3041c
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ZEYADA FOODS is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of food products in Turkey . Our product range is : *SPICES (red chilli flakes, black cumin /nigella seeds, poppy seeds, aniseeds, bay/laurel leaves , thyme , oregano …) *SESAME PRODUCTS (sesame seeds, tahini , halwa … ) *SAUCES ( vinegar , lemon sauce , pomegranate sauce … ) *JAMS (Fig , Rose , Cherry , Strawberry , Apricot… ) *MOLASSES (grape, carob…) *HAZELNUT CHOCOLATE SPREAD *HONEY AND HERBAL MIX PASTES (artichoke , peganum , ginger , polen ,bitter melon, propolis , royal jelly ...) *OILS ( Black seed oil , coconut oil , sesame oil , flax seed oil …) Our head Office, factories and warehouses are located in Mersin Turkey , few kilometers from the Port. Our annual turnover is USD 52 million with total 140 employees . We have ISO 22000 , BRC , Halal certificates


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