Frozen food has managed a dramatic turnaround. In 2016, an exclusive survey conducted by The Grocer found just 39% of Brits believed frozen food wasn’t as good as fresh. But today the frozen food value sales totalling £6.1bn and is the best performing category in the market with total value sales up 6.5% on volumes up 2.2%.

There are many reasons for this turnaround including, more people purchasing frozen fish, the rise in the popularity of ice cream, the popularity of meat substitutes and the number of healthy frozen food options. The market has increased even further in 2019, especially with frozen food having a longer shelf life. Frozen food now has the potential to play a significant role in helping to limit food waste.

Alcoholic frozen cocktails

2019 has seen several companies including IFE exhibitors Poptails by Lapp produce alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen cocktails. Due to the popularity of these, 2020 looks to see more frozen cocktails and the equivalent entering the market.

Ice cream

Ice cream has been huge in the last few years, with many new ice cream companies hitting the market, especially ice creams with a twist such as Speakeasy ice cream who create ice cream using craft spirits and natural ice cream companies such as Northern Bloc. Due to the increase in people following a meat-free diet, 2020 looks to see many new vegan ice creams entering the market. Consumers will also be seeing a lot more 'Mochi ice cream balls' which are Japanese mocha balls with ice cream filling.

Meat free alternatives 

With the likes of tempeh, seitan, textured vegetable protein, jackfruit and pulled oats growing in popularity, 2020 looks to see even more meat free alternatives grace the supermarket freezers. 

Frozen Food (new for 2019)BFFF

The British Frozen Food Federation will be continuing their long established partnership with IFE and in line with the growth of the frozen food industry, IFE will feature a new Frozen Food Section at the show and dedicated session in our theatres discussing the future of this sector. 

See below for what some of our exhibitors are offering in this category.


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