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Put a spring in your step with a hum-zinger start to the morning by choosing GoFigure's new weight management muesli range, manufactured by John Morley.

At GoFigure they believe following a weight management programme doesn’t mean turning your back on taste. This super tasty range contains the award-winning ingredient SlimBiome® that promotes the feeling of fullness, helps to burn calories and maintains blood sugar levels. What’s more, thanks to the inclusion of dietary fibres and prebiotics, the mueslis help to promote and support a healthy gut… keeping your gut happy!

It’s a muesli plus - great news for those who are intent on weight management and fantastic for your microbiome, it's a win-win. Experience the ‘feeling of fullness’ today!

The IFE Experience

The GoFigure Muesli range will be launched at IFE 2019 and manufacturer, John Morley, will be showcasing the five delicious new flavours at stand N1967:

Almond and Apricot - a classic combination of flavours but with a little more oomph in the apricot than you normally get with dried fruit.
Apple and Cinnamon - a warming sweet spice recipe that is simple yet flavoursome.
Cranberry Protein - sweet and tart, this is the only flavour containing a source of protein and 16 essential amino acids.
Matcha Tea and Pistachio - feeling adventurous? Matcha tea’s distinctive flavour has been teamed with nutrient-packed pistachios.
Turmeric and Ginger - Turmeric and ginger have been revered as culinary and medicinal spices for centuries. While their use in mueslis may be unusual, it certainly works as a taste sensation.

Simon Brown, Managing Director of John Morley, breakfast cereal manufacturer, is delighted to be welcoming in a new era in breakfast products: “It’s an exciting development and something that nobody else has done previously - a range of great-tasting mueslis for people looking at weight management.”

Mueslis are healthy anyway, but now we’re creating a muesli-plus, something that will help people control those mid-morning snacking urges by making them feel fuller for longer. Not only that but SlimBiome®, as a prebiotic, is good for healthy gut bacteria.

We are very hopeful that this is something new for breakfast. An innovation such as this can really boost the market and we are delighted to be working with life sciences company OptiBiotix and taking our relationship forward in new and exciting ways.

The development of muesli breakfast products allows OptiBiotix to extend its GoFigure range of online products and create 'health and wellbeing' own label brands for supermarkets within the UK.

OptiBiotix CEO, Stephen O'Hara, said: “We chose John Morley due to their reputation as one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist ingredients and the energy and passion they have shown in developing a wide range of muesli products containing SlimBiome®.”

2019 Trends

Simon highlights that there is plenty of innovation within the cereal category. He states, “Currently there is a lot of work into sugar replacement and a big development into ‘on-the-go convenience breakfast products’, which is an area we are tapping into with the GoFigure muesli range.”

All too often in the past, eating on-the-go has meant grabbing bars of chocolate but people are much more aware of healthy eating these days and added sugar.”
Speaking about the rise in health-conscious consumers Christina Wood, Sales and Marketing Director of GoFigure, said: “Consumers are much more educated about nutrition and labelling and are more inclined to buy and trust brands with ingredients they understand such as oats, nuts, fruits and seeds with no unnecessary sugars and fats.

Simon added: “If you look at North America and Europe, the interest is in health - high fibre, wholegrain and the ‘good for you’ categories. Today, millennials are more open to new ideas and a lot of them, along with other cereal eaters, wish that cereals kept them fuller for longer and would also like cereal to give them more energy.
Christina notes: “Consumers are becoming more aware of fibre, its health benefits and are realising that there is subsequently a lack of it in their diet.”

Ingredients rich in fibre are functionally fantastic because they support gut health by feeding the good bacteria found in the intestines, promote digestive wellness and not to mention, help you to feel fuller for longer, which can promote weight loss.

If people aren’t eating enough fibre, it’s up to food manufacturers to find ways of increasing fibre intake, and that’s what we’re doing. Anything we can do to help more people eat fibre has got to be beneficial” says Simon.