With Brexit on the horizon, consumers expect to start looking closer to home for the food we buy. Britain’s food system is part of an international food system which makes up the gap in domestic food production, as Britain is only around 60% self-sufficient.

Classic British meals may become harder or more expensive to source when Brexit goes ahead, as significant amounts of key ingredients are sourced from outside the UK.

Forgotten veg

However, many forgotten vegetables are making a comeback on the British food scene. A great example of this is the root vegetable salsify which was common in the 19th century but is largely overlooked today. It’s described on the packet as tasting “a little like a mild artichoke, perhaps with a trace of liquorice or, when cooked, some even claim to detect a hint of oysters.” It will be available to buy in Waitrose until the Spring.

In a similar vein, Fenland celery will also hit the shelves soon. This variety is whiter than standard celery and has a sweet, nutty flavour.

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