The grocery sector is constantly changing and developing as we see technology advances and new products entering the market.

Trends in this sector reflect these changes as we continue to see the rise of food waste apps rolled out in Supermarkets. Plus, there will be a lot more recyclable and compostable packaging as consumers become more serious in knowing the environmental impact of what they eat and drink.  

Robots and checkout free supermarkets look to become more common, but we will also see a shift in consumers purchasing behaviour as they look to shop hyper local. 

Food Waste & Packaging

Food Waste is a topic which only looks to become even more prominent in 2020. The Karma food waste app, which connects consumers with grocery, stores, cafes and restaurants, to make use of surplus food is set to expand to UK supermarkets.

In 2018, we saw Morrisons remove plastic covering off their cucumbers and Tesco remove the plastic off their swedes, and in 2019 we expect to see more supermarkets and grocery stores look to remove unnecessary plastic packaging.


Every year technology advances as an unprecedented rate, and 2019 continues to be no exception. In the U.S the use of robots in supermarkets has already taken over, with Takeoff Technologies launching the world's first robotic supermarket, and the UK looks to follow in the US’s footsteps in 2020.

Going hyper-local

The saying ‘Think global, act local’ looks to become a mantra of 2019, with more and more people wanting to shop hyper-local to support local businesses and give back to their communities. This means supermarkets will start stocking more localised products in their stores in order to compete with more local stores and support consumers need for localised products.

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