We are at an age when social influencers play a huge roll in the choices consumers make, and for the health & wellbeing sector this is particularly evident with the purchasing behaviours of customers changing as people are becoming more devoted to plant-based diets.

Visitors attending IFE are looking to source products on; gut health, as well as the introduction of collagen to food, and 'Good fats' as consumers look for new ways to get healthier fats into their diet. Consumers are also trying to find ways to combat stress, and their food choices will be in the limelight in 2019, with more people looking for added vitamin drinks, herbal extracts and hemp in every day foods. Trends on the 2019 show floor included:

Gut health

2018 saw the rise of 'good for the gut' fermented foods with the likes of kombucha & kimchi becoming extremely popular with the health conscious consumer, and this trend looks to continue in popularity in 2019 with the further consumption of kerfir - a cultured, fermented milk drink. 

Gut health doesn't just stop with fermented foods; supplemental collagen is apparently great for repairing the gut as well as anti-aging, improving wound healing, immune system, and more. In 2019, consumers are increasingly looking to get their collagen hit from smoothies, broths and milkshakes. 

Good Fats

Throughout 2019 healthy fats have really become important to the consumer, and we don't see this changing in 2019 with omega-9s (monounsaturated fats) really taking the limelight for their potential to regulate blood sugar levels.

Where will consumers get omega 9's from? Algae is the answer! The newest use for algae is in the production of omerga-9 cooking oil which has such a neutral taste it can be used in any recipes without changing the flavour of the food.  

Foods that relieve stress

Consumers who seek to relieve stress regularly will continue to change the definition of tastes allowed, leaving behind the occasional excesses to consume more regularly healthy and tasty options, these are essential elements of a balanced lifestyle from the physical and emotional point of view.

What are these foods which relieve stress? Well vitaminised juices and herbal extracts of course!

Plant based eating and flexitarianism

‘More than a quarter of all evening meals in the UK are vegan or vegetarian’ - Kantar Worldpanel.

This is less of a trend and more of a new way of life. 2018 saw the rise of consumers following a flexitarian diet, and 2019 continues to see the purchasing behaviours of customers changing as people are becoming more devoted to plant-based diets.

Iceland have confirmed that their 'bleeding' no bull burger was their bestselling burger of Summer 2018, and 2019 will see more companies developing products using alternative proteins such as pulled oats, tempeh, seitan, textured vegetable protein and jackfruit. 

Pure & Simple

'64% of GB consumers agree that they would be interested in food labelling that clearly displays whether a food is healthy or not. This rises to 70% among parents' - Foresight Factory

Today’s consumers benefit from an unrivalled amount of choice, with hundreds of brands competing for their attention. This has also led to a very real sense of overwhelm and anxiety when attempting to make the right purchasing decisions.

So, there is a growing desire for brands and products that cut through the complexity and offer straight-up, simple solutions. From the likes of minimal, un-fussy ingredients to further developing into organic and natural formulations, as consumers look to nourish their appearance and wellbeing from the inside out.

See below for what some of our exhibitors are offering in this category.


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