Future proofing your business: how to succeed at serving customers at home

21 Mar 2022
Better Hospitality Conference
While the pandemic is hopefully behind us, consumer demand for food options and experiences at home seems to be here to stay. Figuring out how you can make the most of this new market to serve customers at home, could help you both generate more revenue now and ensure your business is more resilient in the face of future crises. In this panel we will hear from operators who have succeeded with a wide range of solutions for serving customers at home and have chosen to continue offering and growing these solutions alongside their in-house dining models. We will also hear from JP Then, Founder of Slerp, on how you can offer delivery direct to customers without the need to work through a delivery marketplace.
Michael Tingsager, Hospitality Mavericks - Founder
JP Then, Founder - Slerp
Nish Bhattarai, Pizza Pilgrims - Marketing
Julie Kleeman, Co-owner - Taste Tibet

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The online resource for the food and drink community

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