Unusual ingredients are at the forefront this year and will likely maintain their popularity in 2019. As ever, the rise in the health-conscious consumer with a demand for ingredients with multi-health benefits is taking centre stage.

Super powders

The rise of ‘super powders’ will continue in 2019, with varieties such as maca root and spirulina leading the way. The natural sweetener Stevia is still popular, with global beverage formulations including Stevia having increased by 161% between 2012 and 2017.

Unusual ingredients

Unusual ingredients include salted, cured egg yolks, activated charcoal bottarga which is a type of cured fish roe typically from the grey mullet or Bluefin tuna. Jerusalem artichokes are also growing in popularity and are known for lowering blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol. Himalayan black salt can be used to mimic egg in vegan dishes, therefore will inevitably see a rise in popularity with veganism currently one of the largest food trends in the food & drink market.

Finally majambo, chocolate’s creamy Peruvian cousin produces white pods full of seeds and a pulpy fruit. The seeds can be grilled and eaten like nuts and are full of protein and fibre.

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