Lauren Lovatt HEAL EatsFounder/Director, Plant Hub

Lauren Lovatt the Director of Plant Hub, a ‘Plant Academy / Chef School’ in London, and is a Plant Based chef and Entrepreneur. Lauren has collaborated with HEAL Eats to design a gut focused recipe utilizing innovative protein ingredients exclusively for IFE 2019.
Lauren was trained with the best Plant based chefs in the UK and continued her training with PlantLab to which she completed the levels one to four program. During this training time Lauren set up an aspirational Vegan restaurant, hosted her own Plant based pop up nights for some years and has a wealth of experience developing recipes, writing menus and creating events. Subsequently Lauren went on to Lead the PlantLab Barcelona courses where she fell in love with teaching, sharing and inspiring a knowledge for plant based food.

HEAL Eats (Healthy Eating and Life) has entered the Fast Food & Restaurant market with its innovative macro calculating software offering exciting choices and a truly personal approach to eating out.
HEAL Eats has a natural, nutritious and medicinal menu developed by inhouse and highly credible Chefs and Health Professionals. HEAL is passionate about transparency, education and awareness for all ages, this is reflected in the menu. Listing allergies, intolerance, PH Levels and of course all Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. HEAL Eats has its sights set on a strong franchise/expansion plan for 2019.

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