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Put a spring in your step with a hum-zinger start to the morning by choosing GoFigure's new weight management muesli range, manufactured by John Morley.

At GoFigure they believe following a weight management programme doesn’t mean turning your back on taste. This super tasty range contains the award-winning ingredient SlimBiome® that promotes the feeling of fullness, helps to burn calories and maintains blood sugar levels. What’s more, thanks to the inclusion of dietary fibres and prebiotics, the mueslis help to promote and support a healthy gut… keeping your gut happy!

It’s a muesli plus - great news for those who are intent on weight management and fantastic for your microbiome, it's a win-win. Experience the ‘feeling of fullness’ today!

The IFE Experience

The GoFigure Muesli range will be launched at IFE 2019 and manufacturer, John Morley, will be showcasing the five delicious new flavours at stand N1967:

Almond and Apricot - a classic combination of flavours but with a little more oomph in the apricot than you normally get with dried fruit.
Apple and Cinnamon - a warming sweet spice recipe that is simple yet flavoursome.
Cranberry Protein - sweet and tart, this is the only flavour containing a source of protein and 16 essential amino acids.
Matcha Tea and Pistachio - feeling adventurous? Matcha tea’s distinctive flavour has been teamed with nutrient-packed pistachios.
Turmeric and Ginger - Turmeric and ginger have been revered as culinary and medicinal spices for centuries. While their use in mueslis may be unusual, it certainly works as a taste sensation.

Simon Brown, Managing Director of John Morley, breakfast cereal manufacturer, is delighted to be welcoming in a new era in breakfast products: “It’s an exciting development and something that nobody else has done previously - a range of great-tasting mueslis for people looking at weight management.”

Mueslis are healthy anyway, but now we’re creating a muesli-plus, something that will help people control those mid-morning snacking urges by making them feel fuller for longer. Not only that but SlimBiome®, as a prebiotic, is good for healthy gut bacteria.

We are very hopeful that this is something new for breakfast. An innovation such as this can really boost the market and we are delighted to be working with life sciences company OptiBiotix and taking our relationship forward in new and exciting ways.

The development of muesli breakfast products allows OptiBiotix to extend its GoFigure range of online products and create 'health and wellbeing' own label brands for supermarkets within the UK.

OptiBiotix CEO, Stephen O'Hara, said: “We chose John Morley due to their reputation as one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist ingredients and the energy and passion they have shown in developing a wide range of muesli products containing SlimBiome®.”

2019 Trends

Simon highlights that there is plenty of innovation within the cereal category. He states, “Currently there is a lot of work into sugar replacement and a big development into ‘on-the-go convenience breakfast products’, which is an area we are tapping into with the GoFigure muesli range.”

All too often in the past, eating on-the-go has meant grabbing bars of chocolate but people are much more aware of healthy eating these days and added sugar.”
Speaking about the rise in health-conscious consumers Christina Wood, Sales and Marketing Director of GoFigure, said: “Consumers are much more educated about nutrition and labelling and are more inclined to buy and trust brands with ingredients they understand such as oats, nuts, fruits and seeds with no unnecessary sugars and fats.

Simon added: “If you look at North America and Europe, the interest is in health - high fibre, wholegrain and the ‘good for you’ categories. Today, millennials are more open to new ideas and a lot of them, along with other cereal eaters, wish that cereals kept them fuller for longer and would also like cereal to give them more energy.
Christina notes: “Consumers are becoming more aware of fibre, its health benefits and are realising that there is subsequently a lack of it in their diet.”

Ingredients rich in fibre are functionally fantastic because they support gut health by feeding the good bacteria found in the intestines, promote digestive wellness and not to mention, help you to feel fuller for longer, which can promote weight loss.

If people aren’t eating enough fibre, it’s up to food manufacturers to find ways of increasing fibre intake, and that’s what we’re doing. Anything we can do to help more people eat fibre has got to be beneficial” says Simon.


CheckYourNutrition are exhibiting at IFE 2019 for the first time

CheckYourNutrition’s digital food analysis with assured health claims is changing the world of food innovation and promotion!

Brand background

CheckYourFood and CheckYourNutrition are revolutionising the way people look at food.

Their aim when launching CheckYourFood was to provide nutritional information that everyone could access to take control of their health & wellbeing. They soon found that their analysis tools were in high demand from food producers wanting to be able to access the health benefits of their products using seamless technology, and so CheckYourNutrition was born for the B2B market. Food producers screens is the most accurate and comprehensive platform for growers and food producers to analyse their products for their FULL health benefits in seconds.

Producers can get into the flow of continuous product innovation and development as the platform presents them with the most potent health ingredients, and allows unlimited analysis to get them to the most powerful food product possible.

But it doesn’t stop there - once they’ve established the ‘authorised’ health credentials for their food, they can then ‘qualify’ their product to be featured on, our personalised nutrition platform to a qualified audience of over 450,000 visitors a year.

The IFE Experience

Food producers and growers will find out how to:

Discover the amazing health benefits of their products! – See how to instantly amplify the power of your foods.

Inject a huge burst of new life into existing products! – Studies show that products with a health related claim are 75% more likely to be chosen than an identical product without one.

Instantly innovate and unlock the value in their new products! – Analyse products and innovate to improve health benefits before setting foot in the kitchen!

Surya Wright, Co-Founder of CheckYourNutrition, commented on why they are exhibiting at IFE 2019 and what they hope to gain from their experience

“Being able to help food producers promote their products through their health benefits is really important to us, as we believe that food can be a primary source of medicine.

We live and breathe what we preach, keeping food diaries and cooking from scratch, but would love to see more companies making healthy pre-prepared food, so that we can take a break from cooking sometimes!

We’re excited to be exhibiting at IFE for the first time, as there are so many food producers under one roof, and we hope to meet as many as possible to show them how easy it is to innovate.”

2019 Trends

Speaking about the biggest trends in the food & drink industry, Surya said: “With health and wellness at the forefront of food trends for 2019, CheckYourNutriton is well placed to help companies exploit the health potential of their products.

If food producers are not developing the health potential of new food products, they’re missing out on marketing their products as ‘functional foods’, the fasted growing area of food sales.

Using CheckYourNutrition, they can easily incorporate the most potent ingredients and create the most compelling products for their customers, and we’re here to show them how.”

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From Dragon's Den To IFE

After facing the Dragon’s Den, Rayeesa is launching her new vegan range at IFE 2019

Back Background

DragonsDen2Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys is a passionate cook and teacher who loves sharing her native Hyderabadi cooking with others. Leaving her policing career behind, in 2010 she set up a cookery school, Rayeesa’s Indian Kitchen, at her farmhouse in Herefordshire.

After identifying a gap in the market for quick and healthy meals that deliver fresh flavours, Rayeesa created her own frozen curry sauce brand ‘Spiced by Rayeesa’ – inspired by the tastes of Southern India.

In September 2017, Rayeesa put her products in front of the fierce Dragon’s Den investors and received high praise for her sauces. The Dragons identified them as being extremely on-trend and, although she didn’t walk away with investment, her TV appearance did lead to meetings with Ocado, Iceland and Costco, as well as a dramatic increase in traffic to her website.

Since her experience with the Dragons, Rayeesa has appeared on BBC 2’s Back to the Land with Kate Humble, documenting her collaboration with a local goat farm to create her kid goat curry packs, and QVC TV, introducing the UK to Spiced by Rayeesa curry sauces.

The IFE Experience

DragonsDen3In 2019, Rayeesa will be attending IFE for the first time to launch her new range of frozen vegan curries, which come in three authentic, healthy flavours:

  • Spiced Sweet Potato and Spinach
  • Spiced Aubergine curry
  • Spiced Tarka Dhal

The frozen curries are served in handy 2-3 portion pots and range in spice level from mild to hot, offering an option for every palette.

Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys commented on why she is exhibiting at IFE 2019 and what she hopes to gain from her experience:

“IFE brings together the most innovative and exciting food & drink brands under one roof, making it the perfect place to form collaborations. We are excited to meet other passionate food businesses and hopefully start new relationships for our Spiced journey in 2019 and beyond.

“Since we’re always looking to refine our recipes and our packaging, IFE is also great to get a comprehensive snapshot of the industry and emerging trends.”

2019 Trends

Speaking about the biggest trends in the food & drink industry, Rayeesa said: “The number of vegans in the UK has risen by nearly 360% in the past decade[1], proving that the meat-free movement is here to stay. There has also been a growth in demand for un-processed and natural foods as well as dishes with reduced sugar.

“Customers are looking for healthy and ethical yet convenient alternatives that deliver on flavour and don’t make them feel like they are missing out. Our new vegan range provides exactly this: a wholesome and easy meat-free option that has all the richness of a traditional Indian curry.”

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Twitter: @ChefRayeesa


From dream to IFE

Brown Bag Crisps are returning to IFE for a third time with their range of award-winning crisps

Brand background

Brown Bag Crisps’ back story is a simple one. Founders Phil and Viv love crisps so much that they set out to make the best potato crisps possible, using delicious and natural ingredients. Having previously worked in IT and journalism respectively, it was a huge challenge to start up a company from nothing, but the endless research and long hours have paid off! From conducting research and development in their garden shed, they have now moved to a BRC grade AA+ factory. The husband & wife duo are very proud to be an independent company with award-winning, delicious products and a wonderful team of loyal staff and customers. Brown Bag Crisps

The IFE Experience

Visitors to IFE 2019 will be able to sample all of Brown Bag Crisps’ range, which includes potato and veggie crisps:

  • Lightly Salted – The simplest of their potato crisps, which has just three ingredients – potatoes, oil and salt. These crisps were awarded 2* in the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards.
  • Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar - This classic British flavour has been highly praised by discerning customers and food critics alike.
  • Oak Smoked Chilli - The chilli seasoning is a unique twist on what’s becoming a classic crisp flavour. The natural smoked flavour from sustainable oak perfectly complements the punch of the Scotch Bonnet chillis, making these crisps moreish and utterly delicious.
  • Smoked Bacon - The natural smoked flavour from sustainable oak is a match made in heaven for the full-flavoured bacon.
  • Westcountry Farmhouse Cheddar & Onion - This flavour combines two of Phil's favourite things - potato crisps and traditionally-made Somerset cheddar!
  • Tiger Prawn with a hint of chilli & lime - To make this unique flavour, they take succulent prawns and sprinkle them with a hint of chilli and a twist of lime. This zingy flavour is a welcome addition to the family.
  • Rosemary & Sea Salt – The newest member of the Brown Bag Crisps’ family. The aromatic English rosemary combines beautifully with a sprinkle of sea salt. These potato crisps were only launched in December 2018 and are proving very popular already.
  • Beetroot, carrot & parsnip veggie crisps – These delicious veggie crisps have 30% less fat that many other brands and the secret method of cooking them ensures the wholesome slices of beetroot, carrot and parsnip keep their size, shape and colour. A healthier snack with bags of natural flavour!

Phil Lambe, Founder of Brown Bag Crisps, said:
“We are really looking forward to IFE 2019, which has always been a great trade show for us. The way in which we shop, eat and cook in the UK and beyond is always changing and our needs as consumers are changing, too. The gluten free and vegan markets are expanding rapidly, and we are proud that our crisps are all suitable for coeliacs and many of them are vegan and vegetarian.

“We have added a healthier snack to our range with our veggie crisps and throughout 2019, will be adding yet more ‘better for you, better for the planet’ products. We are also now part of a scheme which means our crisps’ bags can be recycled, which is a huge step forward for us.”

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Exhibiting at IFE helped Flower & White to expand export market

Flower & White are returning to IFE with their industry-first Meringue Bars

Brand Background

Flower & White have revolutionised and challenged the way people think about and enjoy meringues. They have whisked them up, slow-baked them and perfected every exquisite flavour – and the result is a show-stopping collection of gourmet delicacies. In the beginning there were the incredible giant meringues, followed by smaller yet equally moreish bites; and then came drops – dinky meringues in a kaleidoscope of colours. Now, they’ve launched a new type of meringue – the Meringue Bars.

           MeriguesMeringue Bars

With less than 100 calories per bar, the Meringue Bars meet the boom in demand for calorie controlled sweet treats and snacks. Handcrafted using only the finest ingredients, including free range eggs, natural flavours, natural colours and Callebaut chocolate, they are slow-baked to a traditional Swiss recipe. What’s more, they’re also gluten free, low fat and suitable for vegetarians.

The IFE Experience

Buyers attending IFE will be able to sample the delicious Meringue Bar range, with flavours including:

  • Raspberry – raspberry flavoured meringue coated in white chocolate and raspberry crumble
  • Chocolate – chocolate flavoured meringue coated in dark chocolate and chocolate crumbs
  • Lemon – the newest addition to the range, lemon flavoured meringue coated in white chocolate and lemon crunch

Flower & White have previously exhibited at IFE and will be returning this year – which is their 10th anniversary – with a brand-new trade stand and new, improved packaging designed to enhance stand out on the shelf.

Leanne Crowther, Co-Founder of Flower & White, commented on the brand’s previous experience of exhibiting at IFE: “Exhibiting at IFE has enabled us to expand our export market by securing and growing new and existing customers throughout Europe and further afield, which is one of our core business strategies.

“IFE 2019 will see the unveiling of our new trade stand, so we're all super excited to see the response. We're also looking forward to engaging with existing customers, shouting about our new range and ultimately generating business. IFE is an essential event for B2B companies that are looking for innovation and inspiration.

“With innovations such as our new Meringue Bar, we continue to push the boundaries of product revolution, creativity and quality and are looking at new ways to use meringue and drive category growth. We have consolidated the look and feel of the brand with new, improved packaging to enhance stand-out on shelf and consumer recognition and have introduced international packaging to maximise export opportunities. We can’t wait to show everyone at IFE what we’ve been up to over the past few years!”

2019 Trends

Speaking about the biggest trends in the food & drink industry, Leanne said: “In 2019, we anticipate that products which tap into on-the-go, snacking, calorie control, health benefits and innovation will come to the fore. At Flower & White, we have extensive ranges for retail and foodservice that provide innovative, first-to-market products that help to drive sales and grow the category.”

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