CheckYourNutrition are exhibiting at IFE 2019 for the first time

CheckYourNutrition’s digital food analysis with assured health claims is changing the world of food innovation and promotion!

Brand background

CheckYourFood and CheckYourNutrition are revolutionising the way people look at food.

Their aim when launching CheckYourFood was to provide nutritional information that everyone could access to take control of their health & wellbeing. They soon found that their analysis tools were in high demand from food producers wanting to be able to access the health benefits of their products using seamless technology, and so CheckYourNutrition was born for the B2B market. Food producers screens is the most accurate and comprehensive platform for growers and food producers to analyse their products for their FULL health benefits in seconds.

Producers can get into the flow of continuous product innovation and development as the platform presents them with the most potent health ingredients, and allows unlimited analysis to get them to the most powerful food product possible.

But it doesn’t stop there - once they’ve established the ‘authorised’ health credentials for their food, they can then ‘qualify’ their product to be featured on, our personalised nutrition platform to a qualified audience of over 450,000 visitors a year.

The IFE Experience

Food producers and growers will find out how to:

Discover the amazing health benefits of their products! – See how to instantly amplify the power of your foods.

Inject a huge burst of new life into existing products! – Studies show that products with a health related claim are 75% more likely to be chosen than an identical product without one.

Instantly innovate and unlock the value in their new products! – Analyse products and innovate to improve health benefits before setting foot in the kitchen!

Surya Wright, Co-Founder of CheckYourNutrition, commented on why they are exhibiting at IFE 2019 and what they hope to gain from their experience

“Being able to help food producers promote their products through their health benefits is really important to us, as we believe that food can be a primary source of medicine.

We live and breathe what we preach, keeping food diaries and cooking from scratch, but would love to see more companies making healthy pre-prepared food, so that we can take a break from cooking sometimes!

We’re excited to be exhibiting at IFE for the first time, as there are so many food producers under one roof, and we hope to meet as many as possible to show them how easy it is to innovate.”

2019 Trends

Speaking about the biggest trends in the food & drink industry, Surya said: “With health and wellness at the forefront of food trends for 2019, CheckYourNutriton is well placed to help companies exploit the health potential of their products.

If food producers are not developing the health potential of new food products, they’re missing out on marketing their products as ‘functional foods’, the fasted growing area of food sales.

Using CheckYourNutrition, they can easily incorporate the most potent ingredients and create the most compelling products for their customers, and we’re here to show them how.”

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