Rootlabs is a design and horticultural consultancy based in London. Our studio creates temporary and permanent installations that transform spaces into socially and environmentally productive places. Our services include the design and build of vertical farms, interior and exterior landscaping, and office planting. Farmbus

Having worked in the industry for the last 5 years, over this period we have seen a real shift towards businesses wanting to take control of their supply chains by growing their own produce on site. New technologies have brought about the possibility of doing this indoors and in other previously unsuitable locations.  

We have been working with distilleries, bars, restaurants and hotels to deliver a diverse range of growing projects, from creating visually stunning environments to delivering highly productive food growing systems. 

“Our projects engage with the public and stimulate conversation about the wider environmental and social issues affecting our planet”.

It is a fact that plants improve wellbeing; whether by providing a beautiful backdrop, producing delicious sustainable produce, or simply by oxygenating your air. As well as installations, we provide corporate masterclasses using plants to increase wellbeing within the workplace.