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19 Mar 2024

ADEX LT introduces Beribu Forest Laboratory, a new way of thinking about berry products

ADEX LT introduces Beribu Forest Laboratory, a new way of thinking about berry products

In a world where our values are deeply rooted in the beauty of nature, ADEX LT proudly introduces a new chapter in our journey – a product line that aligns with our commitment to the forest and its treasures. In 2023 - we have opened Beribu Forest Laboratory - a brand that offers a new way of thinking about berry products - where we craft products based on 100% Lithuanian berries that have always been the main point of our assortment.

ADEX LT: Nurturing Nature's Bounty

As a company specializing in the acquisition, processing, distribution, and export of forest products, our core lies in the heart of nature. The forests provide us with a wealth of treasures, and it is our responsibility to cultivate and share this abundance sustainably.

Beribu Forest Lab: Redefining Couture of Frozen Berries & Fruits

This year, we are elated to present Beribu – a brand that captures the essence of natural goodness. Born from a desire to redefine the perception of frozen berries and fruits, Beribu is a testament to our dedication to nature and its unparalleled offerings.

Values that Echo Through Beribu:

Natural Harmony

Beribu embraces the purity of nature. Our products, crafted with Lithuanian berries, embody the natural harmony of the forest, providing you with an authentic taste of the outdoors.

Convenience Redefined

In the spirit of modern living, Beribu offers a convenient solution for incorporating the goodness of frozen berries and fruits into your daily routine. Our products are thoughtfully designed to be the perfect balance of simplicity and nourishment.

Sustainability in Every Sip

Our commitment to nature extends beyond harvesting. From sustainable berry gathering to eco-friendly production processes, Beribu is dedicated to a harmonious relationship with the environment.

Taste of Lithuania

We invite you to explore the beauty and taste of Lithuanian berry flavours through Beribu. Immerse yourself in the joy of embracing a lifestyle that resonates with the simplicity and richness of nature.

Visit the website of our new trademark today to discover more about Beribu and our commitment to a sustainable and harmonious future:


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