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12 Feb 2024

Buyer Insights: Adrian Boswell of Selfridges

Buyer Insights: Adrian Boswell of Selfridges

In the latest in IFE's Buyer Insights series, Selfridges Food Buyer Adrian Bowell discusses the growth of mushroom and matcha products and the importance of meeting the people behind the brand. 


What are you responsible for buying in your role?

Chilled savoury and health supplements.

How do you keep on top of new products and trends?

Visiting trade shows, reading relevant publications, meeting other buyers and industry experts and of course, doom scrolling on social media.

Is there a trend or product you’re particularly excited about this year?

Mushroom & Matcha, traditional international products which are now been produced locally due to our diverse culture, and interested to see how the plant based category will develop.

What makes a supplier stand out from the crowd?

The people behind the brand.

Why are you planning to attend IFE in 2024?

To catch up with old friends, and meet some new ones, and find products which compliment and add value to categories.


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