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23 Jan 2024

Buyer Insights: Jean Rossignol of Classic Fine Foods

Buyer Insights: Jean Rossignol of Classic Fine Foods

In the first in IFE's Buyer Insights series, Jean Rossignol, Senior Buyer at Classic Fine Foods, discusses low & no, sustainability and the power of a attracting a crowd. 

What are you responsible for buying in your role?

I am the Dairy and Beverage Senior Buyer at Classic Fine Foods UK – I am responsible for making sure the best from Europe & UK in terms of Cream, Butter, Yogurts, Cheeses, Eggs but also Juices, Sirups, Wines and Spirits (with and without alcohol) is available to the UK consumers.

How do you keep on top of new products and trends?

Through a continuous lookout through fairs, restaurants, social media, and a lot of listening!

Is there a trend or product you’re particularly excited about this year?

The development of alcohol free options in the cocktail range but also the constant sustainability improvements on existing products

What makes a supplier stand out from the crowd?

The old rules are still in place in my opinion: the biggest the crowd around the stand, the more interesting it is.

The (not often enough unfortunately) easily identifiable information on if they are looking for a distributor/importer does help me personally.

Why are you planning to attend IFE in 2024?

To look for new products, meet partners and customers, learn about new trends and products…and taste great food!

Click here to register for IFE 2024, part of Food, Drink & Hospitality Week. 


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