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01 Apr 2022

City Harvest at IFE 2022

City Harvest at IFE 2022

21-23 March 2022, City Harvest exhibited at IFE, International Food & Drink Event at London’s vast ExCeL exhibition centre as Montgomery Group's official charity partner.

Our partnership with the Montgomery Group, and its internationally renowned events like IFE, allows food companies to minimise waste, and City Harvest to ensure access to high-quality produce for those most in need in London. Thank you for helping City Harvest to rescue food, people, and the planet.

City Harvest’s food rescue solution collects surplus from all over the UK food industry, from farms to B-corps, giving perfectly edible food another life. 

IFE and The London Produce Show spanned 3 days, alongside Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) and IFE Manufacturing, and across the events over 30 pallets of top-quality surplus food were collected from UK-based and international food companies doing their bit for people and planet.

This volume of surplus equates to around 13 tonnes of food rescued – enough for over 30,000 meals for those facing food poverty throughout our community of 350+ London charities.

City Harvest pallets

1 out of 30 pallets from the IFE event is unloaded by Operations Manager, Harry, at our Acton depot.

Some of our refrigerated fleet collected an amazing variety of produce, from luxury seafood to frozen meat alternative products!

“Tasting food and drink products is a vital part of what makes IFE so valuable to our visitors and buyers. Our on-going partnership with City Harvest has been an amazing way to minimise the amount of food waste generated and to ensure that any leftover products go where they can do the most good. We look forward to continuing partnership in the years to come.”

- Philippa Christer, IFE Event Director

graze, B-corp surplus partner

"At graze we've always lived the B Corp values of putting people and planet first. Working with City Harvest helps us ensure that the snacks that don't make it onto the supermarket shelves end up in the hands of the people that need them most, rather than the bin - which benefits the community and reduces food waste."

graze City Harvest

Our charity partners, especially those who cater for children, are delighted to offer healthy snacks and exciting brands they otherwise can't access.

"Everybody benefits from City Harvest food, they get so excited to see what they'll receive week in, week out. They love the treats as well, like the Graze snacks we get”

- Hounslow PHAB, City Harvest surplus food recipient.

G's Fresh, farm partner

City Harvest's Harvest for Hunger campaign aims to connect with more UK farms and growers to ensure access to fresh produce all year round for our charity recipients. G's Fresh, Cambridgeshire, is one of the UK's largest growers, with its produce in most major retailers.

G's Growers

From left to right: Ben, City Harvest Food Sourcing manager, Adam, Commercial Manager at G's Growers, and Po, City Harvest Food Sourcing manager.

“G’s look forward to working with City Harvest to support the further redistribution of surplus healthy and nutritious fresh produce to those in need. As part of our ESG strategy, G’s are committed to not only reducing our overall food waste, but also proactively ensuring a larger proportion of our surplus ends up in ‘value add‘ destinations such as charities like City Harvest where they tackle surplus food and food poverty in a positive and sustainable way” - Guy Shropshire, Chief Executive, G's Fresh.

Young Foodies Ltd & Mighty Small, consultancy & food surplus partner

Like-minded food business consultancy, Young Foodies, and sister online retailer, Mighty Small, are paving the way for innovation and sustainability within the UK FMCG industry. Young Foodies & Mighty Small, working with a network of UK challenger brands including City Harvest surplus partners like Indie Bay Snacks, Holy Moly Dips, and Crosta & Mollica, have helped create a channel for young food companies to donate their surplus sustainably.

Young Foodies

From left to right: Jim, Young Foodies, Po, City Harvest Food Sourcing Manager, Alex, Young Foodies

"Food waste is one of the world's most valuable problems to solve. A complex chain requiring efforts from many parties, I'm passionate about incentives and structures to minimise waste and efficiently redistribute surplus - it makes business sense as well as delivering great social benefit.”

- Giles Moody, Chief Strategy Officer at Young Foodies and member of City Harvest’s Food Council Moving Mountains City Harvest's Po & Ben with Moving Mountains' team.

“The opportunity to prevent food waste, whilst also helping those across London who are most in need, made partnering with City Harvest an obvious decision. We jumped at the chance to give back to our own West London community and we hope to continue working with City Harvest in the future to support a cause that resonates so strongly with our own mission and values.”

- Simon Van der Molen, Founder, Moving Mountains

KIND Snacks

KIND Snacks

KIND Snacks has been a generous surplus donor since the partnership began in 2021. It's LIVE KIND campaign in late 2021 saw thousands of KIND bars donated to our London warehouses to go to those most in need. Reacting to crisis, KIND more recently gave extra stock to ship to Ukraine, via City Harvest's distribution partner Oakland International, to support displaced civilians affected by the war.

City Harvest

City Harvest's Head of Food, Dan, and Head of Fundraising, Lindsey, packing up surplus at the end of IFE.

Thank you, Montgomery, IFE, and all of the wonderful food companies that keep our vans rolling and London fed.


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