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28 Jun 2023

Five summer trends to revitalise your drinks offering

Five summer trends to revitalise your drinks offering

The sun is shining, and vibrant summer drinks products have been flying off shelves across the UK. From quirky spirits to get the party started to fresh, nutritional juices for the health-focussed consumer, there is truly something for everyone and an endless stream of inspiring and exciting NPD.  

Here are just some of the drinks sector trends we’ve been seeing this summer season.  

Natural nutrients 

In an era of wellness-conscious living, consumers are increasingly drawn to health-focused drinks that prioritise their well-being. Whether it's nutrient-packed smoothies, antioxidant-rich teas, or hydrating infused waters, these beverages offer a delicious and guilt-free way to nourish the body and soul. 

The popularity of natural ingredients and health-focussed drinks isn’t showing any signs of waning, and this is exemplified by Coldpress, whose juices and smoothies have been delighting customers for over ten years with their real ‘true to the fruit’ punch.  

Cool customers  

As the summer heat intensifies, consumers are embracing the refreshing allure of iced drinks. From chilled coffees to frosty lemonades, the icy indulgence provides a much-needed respite and a delightful way to beat the heat. 

Luckily suppliers such as IBC Simply are on hand with a wide range of chilled produced including Granita Powders (for creating the Italian semi-frozen dessert), fruity lemonade coolers, iced tea syrups, frappe powders, milkshakes and more.  

Bubble, bubble, bubble 

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, has taken the beverage world by storm with its irresistible combination of flavours and chewy tapioca pearls. Loved increasingly by people of all ages and nationalities, the popularity of boba tea continues to soar as it offers a unique and enjoyable drinking experience that keeps fans coming back for more. 

Companies such as Taiwanese brand Possmei are on a mission to bring bubble tea to the masses, not only providing bubble milk tea-related materials including popping boba the knowledge to open and operate a tea shop in any country.  


When it comes to summer libations, rum reigns as a perennial favourite. Its tropical origins and versatility make it the perfect base for refreshing cocktails that transport consumers to sunny beaches, adding a delightful warmth to the summer sipping experience. 

Rum is the ultimate feel-good spirit, and nothing exemplifies its charms like tropical rum punch. Companies like Cool Rummings are taking rum punch back to its roots, combining a flamboyant Jamaican spirit, an old family recipe, and 100% natural fruit juices & purées. 

Gin-teresting botanicals 

Gin is the quintessential summer spirit, offering a refreshing and invigorating taste that perfectly complements the sunny days and balmy evenings. Its botanical-infused profile makes it a versatile base for a variety of cocktails, ensuring that every sip of gin brings a cool, crisp and delightful burst of flavour. 

Brands like Mr Gin, an independent producer from West Sussex, are bringing even more delicious flavours to the already diverse gin sector including strawberry, line & black pepper and pineapple and ginger gin, alongside their signature product.  

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