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20 Mar 2024

Food producers from Ukraine show resilience and promise at IFE 2024

Food producers from Ukraine show resilience and promise at IFE 2024

Despite the challenges facing Ukraine, the nation's food industry remains strong, reliable and a promising partner for UK and European companies. To highlight this resilience a group of producers will be showcasing their products at IFE 2024 at the ExCeL London. (Trade with Ukraine Pavilion Stand 3801).

Ukraine's rich agricultural tradition and fertile soil have long made it a significant player in the global food industry. The country's production of wheat and corn, serves as raw materials for a wide array of food products. Additionally, Ukraine's dairy sector, boasts abundant dairy cattle, has gained recognition both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, the processing of meat and poultry has seen significant advancements, leading to increased demand for Ukrainian products in international markets.

The Ukrainian delegation at IFE 2024 represents the breadth and depth of the food industry, showcasing manufacturers open for contact manufacturing and eager to establish and build long-terms partnerships. With a talented pool of engineers, IT specialist and resilient production capabilities, Ukrainian food producers offer distinct advantages such as the seasonality of product and lower labour costs compared to their European counterparts.

This is a collaboration has been made possible through a partnership between sequa gGmbH, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), and the Ukrainian food association U-Food.

The Ukrainian delegation invites visitors at IFE to discover the the vast potential for collaboration and investment within Ukraine's thriving food industry.

Join them at the Trade with Ukraine Pavilion Stand 3801.


ALAN Company is a renowned manufacturer deeply rooted in its rich tradition and history. Committed to promoting health and well-being, we prioritize producing products free from soya and GMOs, while avoiding harmful colorings and flavours. Our primary goal is to set a standard for authentic taste, supported by an unwavering commitment to quality. We enforce rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production, reflecting our dedication to maintaining the highest standards. At ALAN Company, our ethos revolves around a dedication to quality, ensuring that our products consistently meet the expectations of discerning consumers. With a focus on delivering genuine flavour and nutritional excellence, we remain unwavering in our pursuit of providing unparalleled satisfaction to our valued customers.

Delta Foods

DELTA FOOD is the Ukrainian producer of sunflower oil, mayonnaise, ketchups, sauces, mustard. We produce private-label products for leading international, national and local supermarkets, occupying about 80% of the domestic market. Our product portfolio includes more than 30 partners in Ukraine and more than 100 brands of mayonnaise, ketchups, sauces and mustard. The share of pre-packaged sunflower oil under the private label of partners is 80% of our prepackaged oil production. We cooperate with more than 25 clients worldwide. We produce 14 own brands of packaged sunflower oil for Europe. DELTA FOOD also exports packaged sunflower oil under its own trademarks “Oleos” and “Gulyai-Pole”.


Since our inception in 1993, Factoria-Agro Ltd has become one of the leading European producers of mustard, flaxseed and coriander. Compared to a traditional supply chain, we have direct links to farmers and services such as cleaning, pressing, sterilising, grinding, mixing, packing and distribution in-house. Today we are proud to offer our largest ever ingredients range with full traceability and transparency, along with our quality guarantee. At Factoria-Agro, we take a bespoke approach to all of our customers, allowing for flexibility while maintaining our signature levels of customer service. We strive to foster long-term and successful business relationships.


Founded in 2015, Healatte Company leads the way in offering pioneering plant-based healthy food products to the market. Our range of products caters to the needs of health-conscious customers, providing plant-based, unsweetened, unpreserved, unprocessed, allergen-free options. Available in both conventional and organic, our products boast impeccable taste, outstanding nutrition, and promote gut health. The company’s founder, a nutritionist specialising in plant-based diets, is committed to promoting wellness through food. Healatte is renowned for its Ayurvedic drinks, powder blends based on coconut milk and inspired by the essence of Bali. Initially introduced during the pandemic to boost immunity, our products have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from consumers of all ages. Notably, even children readily embrace our flavourful Choco Blend as an alternative to traditional sugary hot chocolate.

Health Generation 

Healthy Generation has been engaged in the production of healthy food for more than three years. During this period, the company has created a wide range of products. All products are designed so that they can be used not only by consumers who monitor their nutrition, but also by people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as those who suffer from diabetes. Our enterprise is one of the largest in Ukraine in terms of production of healthy food. We produce gluten-free pasta with various flavours, sugar-free of the production chocolates and chocolate pastes, breakfast cereals, amaranth-corn sticks, cold-pressed oils, amaranth flour and amaranth flakes.


The Liqberry group of companies produces berry pastes using unique patented technology. The technology consists milling berries together with seed and peel without contact with oxygen and pasteurization without conventional heating. This allows to enrich the paste with useful elements from the seed and preserve all the healthy advantages of the product. The company is presented in international retail networks and has a wide dealer network.

Mazaro Ukraine

Manzaro Ukraine has achieved remarkable growth over the years, solidifying their position as a key player in the soft commodities market and establishing themselves as experts in the FMCG industry. Manzaro Ukraine’s guiding credo is, “Passion for Quality,” fuels their commitment to maintaining rigorous control over supply chain management.

All products carry ISO certification and are completely GMO-free. Expertise lies in brand creation and market development, where they currently engage in numerous successful manufacturing projects throughout Ukraine. Under esteemed brands such as Bonlife, Bonzaro, All Nature’s, Sun Empire, FryDays, and La Prima, their products have gained widespread recognition and now have a strong presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

Mova and Co 

MOVA is not only a brewery that produces exceptional beers and beverages, it’s also a hub for communication. MOVA firmly believe that sharing a glass of our carefully brewed beer transcends language barriers and promotes mutual understanding Since 2017, the products have borne the stamp of the unique trademark, and in 2021, MOVA proudly inaugurated the certified production facility under the banner of MOVA AND CO. MOVA invite you to embark on a beer journey with them, where each sip is an invitation to connect and explore a world of distinctive flavours.

Oril-Eco Panfruit

Oril Eco has been producing organic products since 2016. The company has over 45 hectares of land where organic berries, fruits and vegetables are grown. The refrigeration complex can handle up to 15 tonnes of produce per day.

What sets Oril Eco’s production apart is its unique ‘30-minute rule’ – from picking ripe berries to placing them in the shock freezer. This preserves around 98% of the nutrients, giving you the healthiest product possible. One of the advantages of Oril-Eco is that everything happens in one place – growing, harvesting, freezing, sorting and packaging. The freeze-dried range is marketed under the Panfruit brand

Shafran Elite

Experience the Sweet Madam brand of syrups and gourmet sauces. Our syrups boast only natural ingredients, featuring pure beet sugar and specially prepared water, ensuring unsurpassed flavour and quality. Use for coffee, cocktails, smoothies, lemonades, and beyond. Whether used in the HoReCa sector, retail settings, or at home, our syrups can cater for many sectors. Sweet-Madam’s range of syrups extends to approximately 70 flavours, offering an abundance of choices. Additionally, we offer a unique concept of gourmet sauces and toppings, infused with natural products, pieces of fruit, or berries, enhancing your culinary creations. We are also able to Private Label.


UkrOilStar specializes in the manufacture and export of premium-quality bottled refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil, under the brand P. Our products consist of highly purified sunflower oil with a neutral taste and odor, sourced from top-quality Ukrainian sunflower seeds. All our products adhere food safety standards, both domestically and those of the European Union. We offer our own brand or can pack private label for retailers. Our strategically located facilities, along with a proficient forwarding and logistics department, enable us to efficiently deliver goods worldwide.

Dear Baby

Dear baby is the most high-tech healthy snacks and baby food production in Easter Europe. The best equipment is being used for yummies production. Manufacture safeness is guaranteed by restricted EU Declarations of Conformity for equipment. ”Dear Baby” has state-of-art quality and modern design. We using Innovative technologies provided by warm extrusion, sensitive coating, and “lovely” packaging. They allow to preserve useful vitamins and minerals that are so essential for the health of infants and adults. Moreover, for the creation of “Dear baby” products are used best quality cereals and freeze-dried fruits which are grew up in special healthy zones of Ukraine.

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