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11 Mar 2022

International Trade Centre to showcase food & drink products from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

International Trade Centre to showcase food & drink products from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Under the banner of the United Kingdom Trade Partnerships Programme (UKTP), funded by UKaid and delivered by the International Trade Centre (ITC), more than two dozen companies from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are bringing a range of delicious products to IFE, International Food & Drink Event in London from 21-23 March 2022.  

Similar international trade events have generated significant new business opportunities and created confirmed new sales for UKTP participant companies. And importantly, these companies are growing communities in developing countries, not just crops.  

Producing everything from chocolate and coffee to chillies and cashew nuts, these companies are at the forefront of the global shift towards sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly production.  

Producers will demonstrate how they are addressing the sustainability challenge by highlighting new and novel production methods and bringing genuine authenticity to the marketplace.  

Eljap will be presenting their organic ginger harvested from the nutrient rich volcanic soils of Fiji. The ginger is hand-picked, and processed into a variety of products including powders, purees and syrups.  

For a spicy taste of the Caribbean, Abby’s Exotic Blends will be showcasing their famous Coconut Punch alongside other non-alcoholic drinks and products including sweet potato chips.  

And from the farms beneath the active volcano of Mount Cameroon, Fire Mountain will be sharing the unmistakeable taste of rich, dark Cameroonian chocolate.  

A full list of participating companies and their main products can be found below.  

The food and beverage industries in these developing countries continue to show remarkable resilience as industries recover from the pandemic. Attention has turned to high-quality, bespoke offerings that connect communities of producers and consumers through shared values and tastes.   

You can join their community by visiting participating companies at neighbouring stands (2741 and 2761) at the London event.  

  • Mayendeleyo Cooperative Group (Comoros)
  • Abby’s Exotic Blends (St Lucia)
  • Benlar Foods     (Jamaica)
  • Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation (Dominican Republic)
  • Caribbean Labs & Traders (Dominican Republic)
  • Coldbush Organics (Jamaica)
  • Definite Chocolate (Dominican Republic)
  • Corporacion Agricola La Loma (Dominican Republic)
  • Plant Powered (Dominican Republic)
  • Pure Chocolate (Jamaica)
  • Rizek (Dominican Republic)
  • Sankhard (Jamaica)
  • Sylvan Enterprises (Dominican Republic)
  • Temper Tantrum/One One Cacao (Jamaica)
  • Tijule (Jamaica)
  • Vincyfoods (St Vincent)
  • Crazy About Organics (Dominican Republic)
  • Gablin Foods (Ghana)
  • Decokraft Limited (Ghana)
  • Niche Cocoa Industry Limited (Ghana)
  • Plot Enterprise Ghana Limited (Ghana)
  • Layaki Bio (Ivory Coast)
  • Foods'Co S.A. (Ivory Coast)
  • Eljap BV (Fiji)
  • Fire Mountain (Cameroon)
  • Soctracao (Cameroon)



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