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17 Jul 2023

Introducing The Mighty Kitchen, winner of IFE's Big Business Break!

Introducing The Mighty Kitchen, winner of IFE's Big Business Break!

IFE 2023 saw the launch of IFE's Big Business Break with Surya Foods, an opportunity for young brands to pitch their products to a lineup of leading buyers live in the show's New Products Tasting Theatre. The winning brand, The Mighty Kitchen, secured access to support from Surya Foods worth up to half a million pounds and a stand at IFE 2024. 

What does The Mighty Kitchen do?

TMK is a plant based meat company focused on authentic flavour & texture profiles of the Eastern Mediterranean.

What prompted you to enter the plant-based sector? 

For us it was a combination of things, a perfect storm. An obsession with good food, a need to provide options based on a less burdensome production system and an interest in both human and animal health. That and the fact that gyros was seriously missing from the space and we felt that nobody could do it as authentically as us. 

 How have consumer attitudes to plant-based foods evolved in recent years? 

The biggest difference is that so many more people are willing to just…try. I think there was a bit of a reluctance before (it still exists but less so now) based on pre-existing perceptions of products in our space. Now it’s not about just vegans and vegetarians but flexitarians are everywhere and willing to give plant-based a shot. 


Tell us about The Mighty Kitchen's relationship with sustainability 

We talk a lot about caloric conversion in the product production process alone. It takes far less resources to grow the raw materials we use in our products vs the alternative of growing animals over time. We also have many practical actions embedded into who we are: we use both recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials and have a no waste policy where we always give away food to organisations who feed people in need.  

What was your experience of exhibiting at IFE 2023? 

It was good. A lot of interesting, industry people there. For us as a start-up we were also able to demo product and book in meetings with potential buyers which was great. 

What prompted you to enter IFE's Big Business Break, and how did it go?

It was a potential springboard for us, a way to get noticed if we were able to progress….and we did get through to the finals so were invited to pitch along with 4 other awesome companies live at the event. We actually ended up winning which was incredible, both for recognition and awareness of who we are, but also for the potential prizes that the win offers. 

Do you have any pitching advice for entrepreneurs in the food & drink sector? 

It’s probably the same advice for most spaces. Good energy, speak concisely - think about what your audience would find interesting rather that what you want to tell everyone. Practice, practice, practice your pitch. Know your market inside out. 

The mighty kitchen

What does The Mighty Kitchen have coming up in the next 12 months? 

As we continue to double down on our authenticity, both the product and business side is being pushed further towards our Mediterranean roots. We’re especially excited about our chick*n gyros product which is already spreading around the UK and the opportunity we have to do what my grandparents did 70 odd years ago when they brought their food culture to the UK and fused it with local tastes. We’re doing the 2.0. version. 

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