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09 Feb 2023

Lou et Lang to launch new lineup of Korean products in collaboration with Carrefour

Lou et Lang to launch new lineup of Korean products in collaboration with Carrefour

K-food start-up Lou et Lang (Stand 1301 at IFE 2023) has announced that its French brand, Maison de Coree, will launch a new lineup of Korean food products in collaboration with the largest French retailer, Carrefour, in April.

Maison de Coree is a Korean food brand in France created by Lou et Lang. It pursues a new interpretation of premium Korean food, breaking away from the preconceived notion of some that Asian food is cheap.

It has launched various products such as instant noodles and dumplings in a number of outlets, including the Korean food section of Carrefour, which has helped it grow its presence in the French market.

Carrefour also proposed launching its first large-scale Korean food project with Lou et Lang and has participated in all processes from product planning to launch.

The product lineup consists of 20 frozen Korean food products in various categories such as appetizers, main dishes, desserts and beverages focusing on easy-to-approach items and local demand.

The lineup includes tteokbokki, sujebi, hotteok, gimbap and sikhye. Frozen gimbap, which is very rare in the European market, is one of the most-anticipated products. In addition, the package design uses the consonants of hangeul and the alphabet as a design motif and to reflect the collaboration between the two companies.

The lineup of 20 products will be available exclusively in Carrefour stores starting with 15 stores and will be expanded across its 3,000 stores over time.

"This partnership with Carrefour is an unprecedented large-scale Korean food project in Europe, and it is a testament to the popularity of K-food in France and Europe. I am delighted that Lou et Lang is representing Korea in this project and that Carrefour has chosen Lou et Lang as its exclusive partner. As the leading company that continues to pioneer the European market, we strive to promote Korea's unique lifestyle beyond Korean food," Lou et Lang CEO Jik Kim said.

Lou et Lang is a food distribution company established in 2020 with the goal of raising the status of Korean food in the global market and globalizing Korean lifestyle. Currently based in Seoul, Paris and Germany's Oyten, it serves the European market. Representative brands include Maison de Coree and Korean Street.



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