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09 Mar 2023

Meet the Supplier: Tortis Natural Plantain Chips

Meet the Supplier: Tortis Natural Plantain Chips

IFE finds out more about Tortis Natural Plantain Chips (Stand 5361 on the PACIFICORP S.A.S. Pavilion), as Ecuador based business with social responsibility at its core. 

About Tortis

The raw material is "Green Plantain", an ancient fruit that has been a permanent ingredient in Ecuadorian cuisine, mainly in the Pacific Coastal region. Tortis Natural Plantain Chips, are produced in the province of Manabí.

The production chain starts with the payment of a fair price directly to the farmers and goes along with compliance with local regulations, promoting social responsibility by prioritizing the employment of women, and making sure our labor and raw materials are 100% local.

The company operates on a daily supply guaranteeing the freshness of the final product. This snack is suitable for adults and kids, by nature plantains are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Tortis are great to be eaten with your favorite sauce or dip, and shared with friends and family during a movie, game night, or a picnic. The chips are crispy and easy to pair with different foods as a side dish but they also taste great if you want to eat them plain since Tortis offers a variety of flavours including lightly salted, spicy lemon, sweet chili, naturally sweet - maduros and lemon. 


Empowering women

Tortis prioritises working opportunities for women who are living in vulnerable situations. In this way, their product also provides the opportunity for them to support their families. In the area where the Tortis production plant is located, they have found a high number of women who are in charge of providing for their kids and other family members, but due to their living conditions most of them did not have the opportunity to study and therefore it is harder to find a stable job with a good salary.

Tortis cares about women's well-being and that of their families, therefore the company provides employment for women and promotes their empowerment by giving them stable jobs and paying them a salary according to the national regulations. With this, Tortis also aims to promote the education of their kids by avoiding child labor or school dropout guaranteeing that their mothers who are the source of income in their families have a safe place to work.

By choosing Tortis you choose to support the local development and the improvement of the living conditions of women and their families. Tortis offers you a healthy product, responsible for the environment and communities at a fair price.


Developing rural communities

Tortis' main goal is to support the development of Ecuadorian rural communities by employing local people and using local resources. The green plantain they use (Barraganete), is planted and harvested in the province of Manabí in Ecuador.

The company complies with Ecuadorean regulations and has legal authorization to operate, besides having the sanitary notifications required for the quality of the product making it good for consumption. Their priority is the well-being of their personnel and suppliers, making sure they receive a fair price for their work and products.

The pandemic of COVID -19 impacted the economy of Ecuador increasing the poverty rates and decreasing working opportunities, especially in rural areas. Tortis' main objective is to reactivate the economy in rural areas by providing employment opportunities and buying local products. In our production plant every worker belongs to the local communities.

The intention besides to developing and tech-nifying the community in these processes, is conserving the gastronomic identity, sharing their plantain with the rest of the world.

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