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28 Feb 2024

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic to make debut appearance at IFE 2024

Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic to make debut appearance at IFE 2024

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic proudly announces its inaugural participation at the prestigious International Food & Drink Event (IFE), marking a significant milestone in the nation's agricultural industry.

IFE, recognised as one of the world's leading food and drink expos, provides a platform for global industry players to showcase their products, exchange insights, and foster partnerships. This year, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic is set to make its presence felt among esteemed international exhibitors.

With a rich agricultural heritage and a commitment to quality and innovation, the Czech Republic's participation underscores its dedication to promoting its diverse range of agricultural products on the global stage. From premium wines and spirits to high-quality meats, dairy products, and specialty foods, Czech producers offer an array of flavours and culinary delights.

Among the prominent Czech companies showcasing their products at the event are Lucky Alvin, Litl, Herron Rum, Semix, Wines of Bohemia, Luskeeto, and Mattoni. These esteemed companies represent the finest in Czech craftsmanship and culinary expertise, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the country's vibrant food and beverage landscape.

Paul Wilkins, Trade Specialist to the Czech Republic, comments: "Participating in IFE is a momentous occasion for the Czech Republic's agricultural sector. It provides us with an exceptional opportunity to showcase the richness and diversity of our agricultural products to a global audience. We look forward to forging new partnerships, expanding our export markets, and strengthening the reputation of Czech agricultural products worldwide."

The Ministry's presence at IFE aligns with the Czech Republic's broader objectives of enhancing international trade relations, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and bolstering economic growth within the sector.

Visit the Czech Republic's booth at IFE to explore the country's finest culinary offerings and discover the taste of authentic Czech flavours.


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