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01 Nov 2021

Montgomery Group partners with Pakistan Britain Business Council

Montgomery Group partners with Pakistan Britain Business Council

Montgomery Group partners with Pakistan Britain Business Council 

Montgomery Group, the organiser of IFE, International Food & Drink Event, IFE Manufacturing and Hotel, Restaurant & Catering, has announced Pakistan Britain Business Council as its exclusive Pakistan representative for events, which take place on 21-23 March 2022.  

The collaboration between PBBC and Montgomery Group is a natural step forward following a successful joint webinar in February 2021. IFE has selected PBBC as a trusted partner given its official mandate in promoting bilateral trade and investment between UK and Pakistan.

Pakistan Britain Business Council and its appointed local partner East River Digital will be the exclusive point of contact for exhibitors in the food & drink and hospitality markets to reach UK and international buyers through the Montgomery Group events portfolio. 

PBBC’s Chief Executive Rashid Iqbal said: “With increased awareness, consumers are now paying great attention to food quality, safety and packaging, therefore it is ideal for IFE and PBBC to work together in providing a complete solution to exhibitors in terms of market access through such exhibitions where suppliers and possible buyers can explore synergy; as many food and drinks producing companies have little or no experience of UK’s consumer market.

“Hence, PBBC’s role is of critical importance in assisting businesses and working meticulously with industry experts including all stakeholders to overcome challenges faced by Pakistan’s food and drinks manufacturers. In connection to this, PBBC has recently reached out to East River Digital as its local partner in Pakistan with whom PBBC together will provide a complete package for Pakistan Pavilion at IFE on 21-23 March 2022.”

IFE Event Director Philippa Christer commented: “Pakistan is a key country and area of growth for IFE and our wider portfolio of hospitality and foodservice events. We’re delighted to be partnering with Pakistan Britain Business Council and benefitting from the team’s insights, contacts and extensive knowledge of Pakistan’s food, drink and hospitality sectors.

“PBBC’s close working relationship with Pakistani food brands, and their success at assisting businesses in enhancing their exports to the UK and the EU markets, make them the ideal partner for IFE in Pakistan.”


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