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03 Jul 2023

New Trend Report: Beyond the Aisles

New Trend Report: Beyond the Aisles

Grocery Deep Dive

The retail landscape is undergoing a significant shift as consumer behaviour continues to evolve.

To help brands, producers and organisations understand this change, foodmrx has interviewed over 2,300 UK consumers to understand the diverse and different habits that drive shoppers’ choices at different supermarkets.

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Morrison’s has dropped out of the traditional “big four” altogether - and now finds itself in 6th place, ranking behind both Aldi and Lidl. That’s according to foodmrx data which focuses on the most visited retailers rather than market share.

This shift highlights the further popularity and influence of discounters in the market, as they attract even more customers away from the more established players. Aldi and Lidl made a significant impact during the 2008 financial crisis, and now a similar pattern emerges as the country faces soaring prices.

28% of Aldi and Lidl shoppers have started using them more often in the last 3 months.

Previously, discounters like Aldi and Lidl were considered secondary options for staple items. However, our data shows the majority of people who do shop at Aldi, do so as their primary shop.

Although, most shoppers buy from a range of stores - with the average consumer visiting 3.6 stores a month.

Perceptions of the discounters continue to transform, with 61% of respondents saying Aldi and Lidl are no longer only for those shopping on a budget.

In response, larger retailers are fighting back by implementing price-matching strategies and expanding their value-oriented product lines. Asda experienced notable success with its Just Essentials range, while Sainsbury’s recently launched the Stamford Street value brand. Even premium establishments like Waitrose have shifted their strategy as prices continue to rise throughout the UK.

Waitrose’s Essential range, encompassing over 900 products, is favored by nearly 70% of its customers, according to the organisation. M&S has also bolstered its Remarksable value range in the past year.

32% say Waitrose and M&S having budget ranges makes them more likely to shop there.

Foodmrx speaks to 10,000 UK consumers (nationally representative) every year, via monthly waves. Data is collected via online surveys and online videos interviews. They also conducted a special one-off survey on ‘grocery shopping’ in May 2023, speaking to 806 consumers.

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