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22 Feb 2023

The REAL Drinks Co. opens the UK’s first sustainable state-of-the-art fermentery

The REAL Drinks Co. opens the UK’s first sustainable state-of-the-art fermentery

The REAL Drinks Co. has opened the UK’s first sustainable state-of-the-art fermentery on the Waddesdon Estate. It is the first of its kind and leads the way in non alcoholic fermentation.

REAL produces naturally fermented sparkling tea and is the real alternative to champagne and sparkling wine. Expertly sourced, hand-picked loose-leaf teas are naturally fermented for all the depth, flavour and complexity of a fine wine, even without the alcohol.

Currently available in two different flavour varieties, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon, the world’s finest loose-leaf teas are hand-picked and naturally fermented in REAL’s new home The Fermentery at The Bail on Waddesdon Estate in the heart of Buckinghamshire, to create incredible natural character notes without the addition of additives or flavourings. REAL’s Fermented Sparkling Teas are non-alcoholic alternatives to be enjoyed for the Champagne and Sparkling Wine moments.

Served by the pioneering, the innovative and the Michelin starred, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon can be found in The Pig, Fat Duck, La Gavroche and Clove Club.

In this innovative new home in the grounds at Waddesdon Manor managed by the Rothschild Foundation, with sustainability at its core, science and craftsmanship combine to create captivating liquids that mindful drinkers and the sober curious will want to reach for. Various tea leaves will be experimented with and fermented at the Fermentery to create new sparkling tea flavours. So untwist the cage, pop the cork and toast the moments that matter to you.

The REAL Fermentery is open to the public for tours and tastings as well as become a destination for supperclubs for unconventional thinkers, creators and makers to connect.

The historic move is an investment in the future of the alternative wine category and alcohol free options. REAL and Waddesdon Estate are committed to investing in a healthier future of food, people and the planet. Nothing is added as all the flavour and complexity of REAL’s Sparkling Teas comes from the fermentation process.

Founder of REAL David Begg comments: “We are so delighted to be leading the way in the non-alcoholic sparkling category. Opening the UK’s first sustainable and alcohol-free Fermentery means REAL is able to experiment with a whole range of loose-leaf tea leaves and create new sparkling alternatives. In the same respect a winemaker affords their grapes, we select and ferment loose-leaf teas with the same care and passion to create delicious fine Sparkling Teas.”

REAL Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea, the real alternative to Champagne and Sparkling Wine, is available to purchase from various stockists including Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Find out more about The REAL Drinks Co. here



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