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16 Aug 2023

Regal Food Products Group Plc acquires first non-food business, Packaging ‘R’ Us

Regal Food Products Group Plc acquires first non-food business, Packaging ‘R’ Us

Regal Food Products Group Plc, the food group owners behind household brands, Regal Foods and Yorkshire Baking Company, have acquired Packaging ‘R’ Us for an undisclosed sum – their first non-food and drink business.

The acquisition comes in response to the groups long-term vision of expanding and strengthening their wholesale and food service offering, whilst providing a diverse product range within their brand portfolio.

Since the recent challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit, the Regal group have identified the importance of becoming a one-stop solution for their customers, delivering services including finished goods, ingredients, and now packaging.

Packaging ‘R’ Us is a well-established catering supplier, manufacturing and specialising in a wide range of disposable food packaging solutions, including foil containers, catering foil, disposable utensils, and plastic containers.

Younis Chaudhry, CEO of Regal Food Products Group Plc adds: “Following on from our Just Desserts Yorkshire acquisition 18 months ago, we are delighted to be bringing our first non-food and drink business into the Regal group.”

“Acquiring Packaging ‘R’ Us will allow to develop our wholesale arm of the business, whilst offering our customers an eclectic range that will naturally sit alongside our existing products and brands.”

“As a PLC we recognised a business that presented itself with opportunities and using our existing teams, manufacturing expertise, distribution networks and channels to market, we can really build and scale what is already a great business.”

“This is an extremely exciting milestone in the Regal journey, as we not only welcome our first non-food brand into the group but relocate Packaging ‘R’ Us and its production to our main manufacturing and distribution facilities to Bradford.”

“As a business that has the Bradford community close to its heart, we are pleased the new production site will create approximately 20 new jobs offering employment in a range of keys areas, whilst providing platforms and opportunities for personal development.”

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