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06 Mar 2023

Source quality Georgian food & drink at IFE 2023

Source quality Georgian food & drink at IFE 2023

Visitors to IFE 2023 will have the opportunity to meet with a range of exciting Georgian food & drink suppliers, from quality fruits, nuts and spices to refreshing natural juices and convenient microwavable dishes. Visit the Pavilion on Stand 5311 to explore the country's incredible selection of export-quality products and ingredients. 

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Established in 2008, Campa is an innovative company known for its refreshing and enjoyable natural juices. Campa offers 12 different flavors of all natural beverages- fruit juices, juice blends, nectars, and RTD brewed teas.

With five distinctive brands and an impressive selection of products, some with flavors unique to Georgia, Campa's products are non-GMO, free of artificial additives, and available in Tetra Pak and glass bottle configurations.

Exports to USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are well developed, servicing high volume clients with branded and private label solutions and custom-made beverages.




Qalaquri produces a distinctive range of Georgia grown nuts, almonds, pistachios, and sunflower seeds along with a variety of locally produced and imported dried fruits.

Recognising growing international demand for healthier snack foods, the company also offers hazelnut, almond and dried fruit mixes, both salty and sweet. Qalaquri provides a range of versatile packaging options for their products, including custom pouch packaging with multiple zipper choices and durable barriers specifically designed for nut products.

Qalaquri's products are available in bulk or in retail-ready packages ranging from 50gr to 150gr to cater to different customer needs.

Blue Garden


Blue Garden is recognised as one of Georgia's leading blueberry producers. With a 17 hectare orchard that supports both Sweetheart and Legacy cultivars, both favored for their exceptional size, flavor and color, the company produces more than 180 tons of fresh blueberries.

They are all packed in 125g and 500g retail ready punnets, available from the end of May through July. With a modern cold storage and good agricultural practices in place, the company is well positioned to supply UK, EU and other international markets.




Igoeti produces 24 aromatic spices and spice blends, including a distinctive range of traditional seasonings that are an essential part of Georgia's culinary traditions.

There are several traditional spice blends that are unique to Georgia and recognised as ethnic specialties - Ajika, Svanetian Salt, and Khmeli Suneli. Available in resealable rigid pouches, bottles and glass jars in both retail and bulk volumes, they are well suited to both supermarket and foodservice operations.

Renowned for premium, export quality and purity, Igoeti offers unparalleled spices and spice blends in both branded and private label configurations to markets around the world including USA, Kazakhstan, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Georgian Walnut Enterprise


Georgian Walnut Enterprise maintains a 230 hectare GlobalGAP-certified walnut orchard in the eastern Georgia where walnuts are a highly valued agricultural product. To satisfy a global demand, the orchard produces Chandler walnuts. Georgia grown Chandler walnuts are renowned for their large size, exceptional flavor, and extra light color. Operating with state-of-the-art, BRC certified, processing facilities that adhere to international food safety standards, the company is ready to export in-shell and shelled walnuts.



Maisi is a BRC certified, export-oriented producer of all-natural, sugar-free fruit juices. Operating under the Maisi brand, their juices are made from 100% Georgia grown fruits and vegetables. Most distinctive are their grape juices, made from uniquely Georgian Tkatsiteli and Saperavi grapes.

Using cutting-edge technologies to preserve nutritional integrity, the company supplies branded and private label juices packed in sustainable 250ml and 1L glass bottles to markets around the world. 



Liskareli produces a variety of spices, spice blends and condiments based on traditional Georgian recipes handed down for generations. While many have been reinterpreted, their core value and authenticity has been preserved. Some of their Georgian specialties include Svanuri Salt, Dry Ajika, Ajika, Satsebeli (spicy tomato sauce), and Tkemali (plum sauces).

Every Liskareli product is produced using the highest quality raw materials without additives or preservatives. They are export ready, available in branded as well as private label configurations.

National Delicacy


National Delicacy produces convenient microwaveable meat, vegetarian and Georgian dishes, all without preservatives or additives. Packed in easy-to-use pouches, they are microwaveable and especially well-suited to people on the go.

The product line includes mushroom with tarragon, eggplant with tomato, broccoli and corn soup, veggie beans, soup grub, rice with beef, and beans with ham. Their retail-ready pouches are easy to display, provide exceptionally long shelf life and ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores and outdoor outfitters.

All products can be customised for both private label and foodservice applications as well as emergency rations.



Family-based BIPI Group BOKACELLO Liqueurs' business started from spring 2021 with simple home kitchen maturation of Georgian citrus and seasonal fruits with grain spirit. At present BOKACELLO is established as a Georgian brand of fruit and herbal liqueurs and the collection features fourteen varieties, all of which are refreshing and authentic.

All natural ingredients, mostly in respectable Alc. 45% by Vol. Delicious and fragrant. Naturally coloured. Produced in small batches with seasonal fruit, berries, citrus and fragrant grass, macerated in pure grain ethanol spirit and blended with sugar syrup. NO artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Hand processed, hand bottled.

The varieties include Raspberry, Ginger, Mint, Tarragon, Lemon, Green Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, Coffee, Romantica (a mix of strawberry and banana), Sour Cherry, Melon and Nocino Georgino (walnut). BIPI Group started to experiment with zero-sugar options for those who need to control sugar levels.

In our determination to be all natural, we produced Zero-Sugar Stevia-based Mint Liqueur, the first in zero-sugar liqueurs' line.



NUTSGE is a leading producer of high-quality hazelnuts in Georgia, with an annual capacity of over 2,000 tons. The product range includes in-shell and processed hazelnuts such as roasted, blanched and chopped hazelnut kernels.

A 100% hazelnut paste is their flagship product. As a BRC-certified company, NUTSGE consistently meets the international standards of manufacturers and confectioners. They have trusted relationships with clients in France, Germany, China, Lebanon, Libya, South Africa, and China.

With direct access to local farmers and premium quality products, NUTSGE is an ideal partner for businesses seeking top-quality hazelnuts and hazelnut paste.

Kind & Noble 

Kind & Noble

Georgian Agroproduct transforms 100% natural, Georgia-grown fruits and vegetables into exceptional smoothies.

Using the right balance of sweet, sour and spice, their undeniably distinctive blends contain no added sugar, no artificial ingredients and are immensely enjoyable. While the unique flavor blends in their Kind & Noble line caters to healthy living markets, their newly launched Poporeli cooking sauces are equally distinctive, offering unmistakable culinary appeal.

With exports to USA, Qatar, Germany, France, and Poland, Agroproduct maintains a modern processing and packing systems that fully comply with international standards. All products are available in both private label and branded configurations



PANCAVIAR is the largest fish production company in Georgia. The company grows rare species of sturgeon and salmon in its own eco-farms in the protected areas of Georgia. The fish is grown in the ideal drinking water enriched with oxygen and is fed with biologically pure and extruded feed produced in compliance with the international requirements.

PANCAVIAR does not use harmful substances, which allows them to offer customers the highest quality products with a clear conscience. The company launched a caviar production began in 2020 and has already steadily growing export sales in the USA, UAE, Singapore, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.



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