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15 Aug 2022

The Vegetarian Society joins the Plant-Based Food Alliance

The Vegetarian Society joins the Plant-Based Food Alliance

The Vegetarian Society has joined the Plant-Based Food Alliance, a new organisation which aims to promote the plant-based food sector in the UK.

The Plant-Based Food Alliance launched last year and is a coalition of organisations from across the UK’s plant-based sector.

The organisation aims to support a thriving plant-based food and drink sector in the UK that helps to improve public health while reducing industrial farming and supporting the Government’s environmental goals.

The Vegetarian Society's Chief Executive, Richard McIlwain, said: “I’m delighted that the Vegetarian Society have been approved as members of the Plant-Based Food Alliance.

“Being part of this exciting new alliance will allow the Society to play a key role in promoting the fast-growing plant-based food sector to a wider audience, in particular the economic, environmental and social benefits of these foods compared to traditional animal products.”

The launch of the Alliance comes as consumers increasingly shift to more plant-based eating, presenting the opportunity to create a healthier and more sustainable food system.

According to the Alliance, over two million Britons are vegetarians or vegans, while over a quarter of the population now describe themselves as ‘flexitarian’.

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