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26 Sep 2022

World Food Programme pavilion to bring together UN experts and private sector in discussions on global food crisis

World Food Programme pavilion to bring together UN experts and private sector in discussions on global food crisis

As the world faces a global hunger crisis of unprecedented proportions, AidEx - The Global Humanitarian Aid Event, are excited to announce the UN World Food Programme pavilion.

The pavilion is set to bring together global food producers and suppliers to engage in dedicated seminars, discuss solutions to fight world hunger and building meaningful relationships with global stakeholders.

The devastating global food crisis across the world caused by conflict, the climate emergency, rising costs and the impacts of the recent pandemic, have led to soaring food prices and consequent hunger around the world.

Right now, hunger levels are disturbingly high. 345 million people are facing acute food insecurity in 82 countries.

“We are at a critical crossroad,” says Alex Marianelli, Director of Supply Chain Division at WFP. “To avert the hunger catastrophe the world is facing, we must act together – governments, humanitarian organizations, but also private sector companies who can support our efforts towards Zero Hunger. For this reason, we will be taking part in this year’s AidEx and Development2030. We are particularly keen to meet representatives from countries where WFP operates, as this aligns with our efforts to increase local and regional procurement.”

AidEx and Development2030 are two events that bring UN and NGO professionals together with commercial organisations interested in the aid and development sector. Both comprise a conference of their own and the world’s largest exhibition of relevant products and services.

“A number of UN agencies have all agreed to take part in AidEx and Development2030 at a truly pivotal time, these include UNHCR, UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF, and WFP” says Nicholas Rutherford, Event Director. “The WFP Pavilion will provide an opportunity for the commercial sector to meet the UN’s food agency, discuss ideas and provide much-needed help.”

“We have contacted many embassies and asked if they can engage their country’s main food producers and relevant technology providers to exhibit in support of the WFP.”

“This is a very timely initiative,” says Snjezana Leovac, Head of Goods and Services Procurement at WFP. “WFP buys millions of tons of food on international, regional and local markets from hundreds of vendors globally each year, from smallholder farmers through traders to large international suppliers.

In addition, we also buy goods and services worth USD 1 billion to support our operations. Operational costs and lead times are rising because of the global food crisis, so this is an important opportunity to engage with potential vendors as we work to diversify our supplier base so we can respond effectively and efficiently to rising hunger globally,” continues Snjezana Leovac.

Come and meet UN experts at these events.

AidEx and Development2030 will be held together on November 16-17 at Brussels Expo. For further information visit the AidEx and Development2030 websites –


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