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Check out the retail sessions recorded live at IFE, part of Food, Drink & Hospitality Week 2024. Get the latest retail insights and advice from The Face Whisperer, Co-op, Tesco, IGD, and more.

Beyond Words: Decoding Body Language For Brand Success

In this insightful session, we delve into the nuanced world of consumer behaviour, specifically focusing on body language and non-verbal cues. Our journey begins with an exploration of the fundamental principles of body language interpretation, unveiling how subtle gestures, expressions, and postures can reveal profound insights into consumer reactions to brands and products. Designed not just to educate but also to empower brands and marketers, this session will also help you foster deeper and more meaningful connections with your consumers.


  • Adrianne Carter, Body Language Expert - The Face Whisperer


Navigating The Startup Scene - Advice From Those In The Know

For an NPD brand, getting your product into retail is the holy grail. For what used to feel like an unachievable task, the multiples are now on hand to help out. With the launch of Co-op's Apiary scheme, smaller scale food and drinks brands are being offered the chance to receive one to one mentoring and advice sessions guiding them on the road to development - and thankfully Co-op are just one of many offering this lifeline. Join this unmissable discussion tailored specifically towards all the fledgling brands with big ambitions.


  • Siân Yates, Editorial Director - FoodBev Media


  • Kelly Orme, Buying Manager - Community Buying - Co-op
  • Jagir Mankodi, Co-founder - Superfoodio
  • Nirali Mankodi, Co-founder - Superfoodio
  • Christarose Maphosa, Buying Manager - Tesco


The Vital Role Of Foodservice In Retail Innovation - An IGD Update

A unique opportunity to see the outcomes of IGD’s recent Consultancy project with client Heinz, with a behind-the-scenes view of the learnings and applications of IGD’s insight into a supplier setting. Attendees gained key insight into the changing landscape of food consumption, and learnt what a vital role foodservice plays in retail innovation.


  • David Warren, Director of Solutions - IGD

  • Nicola Knight, Insight Manager - IGD


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