Barao Erva Mate Nativa / Mate Tea 1000g

Gaya Foods Stand: 2570
The Erva-Mate Barão Nativa is produced with a blend of native herbs from different regions of Paraná with excellent quality. Drying is carried out in a treadmill dryer with hot air, at lower temperatures, and without contact with smoke, providing the purest and freshest flavor of the yerba mate. Vacuum-packed to guarantee the freshness of the flavor and color of the yerba mate for up to 2 years.
Indicated for those looking for a fuller and fresher chimarrão.
Laminated plastic packaging
Weight: 1kg
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Resolution RDC nº 360, of December 23, 2003, approves the Technical Regulation on Nutritional Labeling of Packaged Foods, making nutritional labeling mandatory. However, this Technical Regulation does not apply to coffee, yerba mate, tea, and other herbal products without the addition of other ingredients. This product is exempt from registration under RDC No. 23, 2000 and RDC No. 27, 2010.
Brazilian pattern
Variety: Native Herbal Blend
Process: Belt dryer and pestle grinding

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