BARBERA D’ASTI BRUSARIVE Vinificazione/Production Brusarive, represents the classic and traditional Barbers d'Asti, handed down tradition, The Must are stored in 50 hi steel tanks, fermenting for a period of 5 to 7 days. FoElowing is the pressing step of the macerated grapes that will come into a single blend. You will get the classic Barbera cl'Ast.i, characterized by its unmistakable fragrance of strawberries. Alcool/Alcohol 14% Residuo zuccherino/Residual sugar 1.21 gji Acidita 1 Total acidity 5.03 gil Tasting notes: a red featuring an inimitable floral bouquet, with strawberry and cherry flavors, which amazes for its freshness and youth that exalts the fresh notes of red fruits. The palate is amazed by its sweetness, ve[vet and Low acidity. A tasty softness that wraps and persists.

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