BARBERA D’ASTI SUPERIORE Vinificazione/Production The grapes are transferred to the cellar as soon as possible by the cut and subsequently subjected to visua( inspection to select the best grapes. Grafting and pressing of grapes are the net step. Following is the wine-making of 50 HL controlled steel boilers at a controlled temperature of 50 HL, preceded by a fundamental phase to give color to the must, called "rimontaggio"( "replacement"). Complete the vinification of the finished wine is refined for a period of 12 months in barriques of precious oak followed by a maturation in the bottle of 16 months. AlcooliAlcohol 14% Residuo zuccherinck/Residual sugar 0.46 gil Acidita /Total acidity 5.32 gil Riconoscimenti/Awards 90 punti "I Migliori Vini Italiani - Luca Maroni" Tasting notes: Luca Maroni writes Feelings: majestic. extractive wine with great alcoholic strength and dense, gLyceric, viscous rnantle. Applying acidity and to which profile and expand and the palatal volume before the softness of the taste is worn, it wraps the most powerfuE veins. Impeccable the oenological anniversary of the perfume, the tincture of processing that adds a dimension of very spicy so fleshy, viscous scent, A great wine. Food and Wine: It expresses the best of itself if accompanied by typical dishes of the Piedmont tradition, such as salami, braised, mixed boiled. Great with the game cooked at civet. Service temperate r: 18/20 #C

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