Belgian Beef

Belgian Meat Office Stand: 5105
The story of Belgian beef is above all one about people. People who are concerned about their animals, have a keen eye for quality and safety, who are concerned about the people who buy and eat their meat. The Belgian meat supplier has consciously chosen to export. It is a goal in itself. It is thanks to this focus that Belgium has succeeded in becoming an important player. Tradition and expertise form the foundation of that success. Belgian companies are flexible in meeting your needs and they create added value not only in terms of quality and return, but also with regard to service.
The dominance of the Belgian white blue is unique in Europe. The production of beef is greatly specialised and there is barely any link to the dairy industry. Thus over 70% of the cows slaughtered are class S or E with regard to conformation. The greater majority of the animals are fattened to a warm carcass weight of 450 to 600 kg (for cows and bulls respectively). The absence of fat leads to a very high muscle mass.


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