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05 Dec 2023

Bombay Mix

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Regal Food Products Group Plc

Regal's famous bombay mix is a classic Indian snack made of dried noodles, peanuts, lentils, spices and other plant-based ingredients. It is a light and delicious savoury item made to a traditional recipe. Perfect for vegetarians - best served with tea, classic cake rusk and other savoury snacks.

Bombay mix, also known as Chanachur or Chiwada is a regional snack made from dried vegetarian ingredients like grams, vegetables, pulses and a sprinkling of traditional spices that add unique flavour to the savoury mix. At Regal Foods, all our savoury snacks are prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients.


  • Nuts
  • Ambient
  • Halal
  • Long-life
  • Snacking

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