CBD Garlic Olive Oil

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  • CBD Garlic Olive Oil
  • CBD Garlic Olive Oil
CBD Garlic Olive Oil CBD Garlic Olive Oil

Our CBD Garlic Olive Oil has been specifically formulated to assist with relaxation and mental wellbeing. A powerful blend of premium CBD, Greek extra virgin olive oil and garlic to help ease tension and stress within the body. Infused with natural garlic containing all the beneficial garlic compounds such as allicin, which is a powerful antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory, to support the effects of CBD. 

Drops of Heal Quality

Quality Olive oil is truly nature's gift - not only is it the preferred oil for most homes and chefs to cook with and drizzle on everything, but it comes with an array of health benefits - the phenols in olive oil include antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.


Olive oil is a keystone of the Mediterranean diet, and CBD is quickly becoming a keystone of modern wellness. Why not combine the two to create a CBD Olive oil that tastes delicious?


We set out to create a product that any Michelin-rated chef would use exactly as a regular olive oil and wouldn't think twice.


Why CBD Olive oil?


Developing a CBD product that not only provides you with the benefits you need but also tastes amazing is really our mission. CBD Olive oil can help deliver appropriate and consistent doses, for example just 1 tablespoon of our CBD Olive oil contains 30mg of CBD therefore providing a distinct sense of relaxation after taking it.

How to use:

You can use Drops of Heal like any other quality olive oil. This isn’t supposed to be ‘one off bottle’ you only use for certain occasions. Drops of Heal is crafted to be your daily drizzler: whether you’re using it in your salad dressing, finishing your salmon with it, baking a cake with it, or putting it over your ice cream, this olive oil is ready for action.



1ml = 2mg CBD

15ml (tablespoon) = 30mg CBD


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