Wild Grass – Borecki, Wujek sp. k. Stand: 4021
Natural tea cola

ChaiKola is a 100% natural, slightly carbonated, premium beverage. In ChaiKola, East meets West: the world’s most popular drink – CHAI (tea) comes together with the world’s most famous taste, the taste of KOLA nuts. The natural properties of tea and yerba mate, enriched with the scent of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and kola nuts, helps you relax. Drinking ChaiKola relaxes your body and mind. ChaiKola’s unique properties result from the natural origins of its ingredients. The amber colour of ChaiKola comes from the natural colour of black tea. Our unique combination of plant extracts and flavours relaxes your body and mind. ChaiKola does not contain any artificial ingredients and preservatives. ChaiKola is gluten free and 100% vegan. ChaiKola is a beverage for all who CARE about good, tasty and natural products. For those who CARE about quality and want to know what’s inside.


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