ChaiKola Green

Wild Grass – Borecki, Wujek sp. k. Stand: 4021
ChaiKola GREEN is a new, sugar-free classic taste soft drink. 

Likewise all our Chai products, ChaiKola GREEN is composed with black tea extract (Chai) and kola nuts flavour (Kola). 

ChaiKola GREEN is dedicated to anybody who cannot or does not want to consume sugar. Thanks to stevia and sucralose, ChaiKola GREEN is pleasantly sweet and does not provide any calories. Yes, ChaiKola GREEN is a zero-calorie product!

Enjoy the authentic taste of ChaiKola GREEN and keep your low sugar and low calorie diet perfect. ChaiKola GREEN does not contain any preservatives. ChaiKola GREEN is gluten free and 100% vegan.

ChaiKola GREEN is a beverage for all who CARE about good, tasty diet products.


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