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Coffee Capsules Coffee Capsules Coffee Capsules

For our coffee capsules, hand-picked coffee beans from the world’s best growing areas are used, gently roasted and ground, shortly before being packaged. As soon as our capsules have been filled, they are given a seal to preserve their freshness and full aroma. All our coffee is UTZ certified as we are committed to using resource-saving production and helping develop better living conditions for farmers.  

Whether it’s espresso, lungo, or even filter coffee, our capsule solutions guarantee high-quality coffee with the simplest handling and optimum shelf life. In addition to capsules for our own patented and self-contained K-fee system, we also offer flexible and market-driven capsules that are compatible with the common systems on the market.

We can match the blends with a comparable flavour profile and produce them for you according to your specifications. Deliver your beans or blends to us. We will produce your capsules from them. We store the roasted coffee in special silos and grind it, if required, according to your capsule orders. This is how we ensure continuous availability. 

Tell us your key data, and together we can develop your individual blend. Test batches and extensive taste and laboratory tests are naturally included in the process. Our experts have the best market and product knowledge and are always up to date with the latest trends. We will work together with you to develop a long-term strategy for your product range.


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