Cold Brew Instant Coffee

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Cold brew is one of the hottest trends on the high street.


Keen to try this super-cool trend? Not so fast! Remember, it takes 8–12 hours to make cold brew, and this long timeframe has meant that it’s been expensive and inefficient to make until now. The inconvenience has meant that cold brew has remained the preserve of the artisanal coffee sector. Retail cold brew products are available, but they carry a big price premium, putting them out of reach for many people.


A Faster Route to Great Cold Brew

To make our new Cold Brew Instant Coffee, we steep roasted ground coffee in cold water, so you don’t have to. Then we extract the good stuff – the natural sweetness and the smooth, creamy texture – from the primary extract using a cold-water process, before expertly drying it. The end result is pure cold brew in an instant powder format, which is designed to be cold-water-soluble, so it dissolves into cold water in seconds.

Our cold brew is already proving popular, with one US writer asking, ‘what kind of sorcery did they use to make instant coffee taste this amazing?’ The truth is, our cold brew coffee solution contains nothing but steeped roasted coffee; there is nothing added and nothing taken away. It’s a fraction of the price of other cold brew products on sale, which makes it a great option to fill UK shelves and e-commerce platforms.


It’s also the perfect solution for coffee shops, who can make cold brew to order within seconds, rather than having to brew it hours in advance, in case someone orders it. 






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