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With its subsidiary Ludwig Schokolade, the KRÜGER GROUP is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in Europe. Today’s industrial production is still characterised by what made Ludwig Schokolade’s first handmade chocolates so special: a good eye for high-quality ingredients and an excellent understanding of careful preparation.

With the efficiency of ultra-modern production facilities, we process only the best ingredients, true to our quality philosophy. All manufacturing processes are continuously checked according to the strictest standards, which go far beyond legal requirements.

Bars are produced in all standard flavours, formats and pack sizes. With this core competence and the efficiency of state-of-the-art production facilities, we are absolutely a strong partner for the industry.

We offer a large selection of chocolate bars in various flavours, shapes and gram weights. In addition, we develop individual product lines with specially designed recipes and packaging for our retail partners as part of proactive private label management.

We offer chocolates in all imaginable designs and shapes. We offer our retail partners a wide range of all imaginable popular chocolate compositions in a variety of pack sizes, meeting both the preferences of the target groups and the high demands for quality and choice.

As an alternative to classic chocolate tablets and bars, our company’s extensive range includes products from the small bites category. The product range includes small chocolate buttons which are solid, swirled or filled. We also produce the most popular chocolate bar flavours in a mini format: From chocolate cookie and peanut to filled chocolate pieces.

Our product range includes a large number of seasonal items. An extensive selection of tablets and chocolates is available for all seasonal occasions throughout the year.

We are also an expert industry partner in the field of cooking chocolate and chocolate coatings. For both glazing and baking, we offer chocolates whose recipes are perfectly adapted to baking and cooking requirements. The popular whole milk, dark and white flavours are available in the baking aisle.


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