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Hoolie Manx white rum

Outlier Distilling Company Stand: 5031

MANX WHITE RUM 70 cl | 41% VOL

RRP £34

Hoolie is the Manx word for ‘bloody windy’, which it often is on the Isle of Man. Fermented from molasses in our old milking shed distillery and double distilled in our wood-fired still, Hoolie (41%) delivers a malty-liquorice gust with a charcoal filtered finish ready for daiquiris, mojitos or our excellent simple serve of Hoolie and ginger ale. 

Using water from the farm's well (we're based on a UNESCO biosphere farm), Hoolie is a full-bodied white rum that makes kick-ass cocktails. We use local artists to create art-led bottles that pop on the shelf - we're quite happy to be polarising. Our rum is for those that are proud to walk their own path.  

Tasting notes: Biscuity cereal notes with sweet liquorice and a hint of vegetal fennel, a touch of butterscotch, and zesty spice.

Hero serve: Sling Hoolie into a classic daiquiri - it doesn't give anywhere for the rum to hide. A small splash of our 64% Hurricane overproof rum then takes it to another level as a Manx Daiquiri.  


  • Drink
  • Spirits & liquers
  • Rum
  • Ambient
  • Artisan, speciality & fine
  • D2C-Direct-to-consumer
  • Minibar & travel catering
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • British

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