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The welfare of the youngest is particularly important to us. Over 70 years of experience in the production of infant nutrition have proven it: Our modern production facilities and quality standards are at the highest level.

From classic starter foods for new-borns (IMF) to follow-on milk for children after the sixth month (FOF) to special foods for children at risk of allergies (hypo allergens) and food for special medical purposes (FSMP) – we offer optimum “made in Germany” quality. Our own quality assurance guarantees compliance with the strict EU requirements and Codex regulations. Three spray towers with an annual drying capacity of 45,000 tons and an annual packaging capacity of 10,000 tons ensure high delivery capability and flexibility.

We offer the production of base powders, called semi-finished goods, for three age groups: 0–6 months, 6–12 months and from the 12th month (no FSMP). Infant and follow-on formulas can also be produced according to country-specific requirements. Different versions and components are possible for semi-finished goods with regard to composition and the products’ technical properties.

Our infant formula is specially designed for and adapted to the nutritional needs of infants between 0–6 months and 6–12 months of age. We offer variations for different requirements, as well as organic quality or by using milk from GMO-free feed, produced and monitored according to the current EU guidelines and the Codex Alimentarius regulations. This means that customer-specific requirements can be taken into account.

Our children’s milk is specially developed for toddlers from 12 months of age. In addition to the highest quality standards, our infant and follow-on formula naturally complies with all applicable EU directives.


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